Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meet My New Bestfriend

Hi everyone! This is Hailey. She's gonna be my best friend for a long time while I explore new hairstyling techniques. When I was pregnant, I decided to name my baby Hailey which sounds like the name of my mom "Hedy" (if my baby was a girl). But I was blessed with the opposite so that's the end of the story haha.

kim rodriguez hairstyling

Today was day 2 of my Hairstyling Class and here are what I've done so far with my new bestfriend.

kim rodriguez hairstyling

Classic Ponytail

kim rodriguez hairstyling


kim rodriguez hairstyling

Flip Tru

kim rodriguez hairstyling

Gibson Tuck

Different Types of Braids:

kim rodriguez hairstyling

kim rodriguez hairstyling

kim rodriguez hairstyling

I fell in love with braids today. Will try to pratice more on what hairstyles I could do with it.
I have to rest now coz my hands are really tired. Keep you posted! Ciao

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Quick Post About Joey Pepperoni's New Deals

I am a busy bee this week. From a makeup gig last weekend to a hairstyling class until Friday...:) So pardon me if I'll just lure you with photos from our food tripping at Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria, Pioneer Branch last Saturday.

Joey Pepperoni

Joey Pepperoni is currently offering two 8 inches pizzas for only P199. Flavors are Beef and Onion and Pepperoni and Mushroom. If you wanna try it, hurry because this promo is just an introductory of their new pizza flavors and will only be available for a limited time only.

Joey Pepperoni

Delicious meal combos for only P99

Joey Pepperoni

Joey Pepperoni

My husband and I tried the new flavors. Hubby's comment "Parang lalong sumarap ang pizza ng Joey Pepperoni ah!" (Looks like their pizza tasted even better!) and I agreed.

Joey Pepperoni

Creamy Carbonara

Photos of the new look of Joey Pepperoni, Pioneer Branch. I believe they renovated a few months ago. The place became more spacious and inviting.

Joey Pepperoni

Joey Pepperoni

Joey Pepperoni

Wish me luck on my hairstyling class please. Good night everyone!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Suesh Palette

The only thing I don't like about being a makeup artist is the weight of the things I have to bring during gigs haha :) Good thing I am blessed with a husband who sometimes patiently wakes up as early as 3am and drives me to the location to carry all my stuff. But whenever he has something more important to do, that's a big dilemma for me. That's why I love palettes. It's the best way to minimize the things I bring and yet complete.

Last year, I discovered that Suesh is selling makeup palettes so I bought it instantly. It's a tool where you could transfer your lipsticks and other cream based make-up. I have the one with 21 compartments which means less 21 lipstick tubes or 21 cream containers in my make-up box haha.

suesh toolkit

Its size is 6.5 inches x 4.1 inches / 165mm x 104mm according to Suesh website.

suesh toolkit

It also has a divider too which I think is more useful if you buy the one with 35 compartments. Sorry if it looks messy though. I had difficulty transferring the lipsticks the first time. It would be perfect next :D

suesh toolkit

I melted the lipsticks so that it would be easier to grab a product and that they wouldn't stick to the divider.

This Suesh palette is a great addition to my arsenal. It's small and lightweight. It's very functional too as you could find the color or shade you want to use right away. And unlike the lipstick palettes available out there, you could customize the colors according to your preference. I'm planning to purchase another one for the second set of lipcolors. :)

Happy weekend everyone!

Available with 21, 14 and 35 compartments at

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why I want a fairer skin?

I honestly do not believe that being fair is more beautiful than being tan or dark. I am even fascinated with how the skin of people with tan color appear on photographs. Here are some of my favorite shots from my portfolio :

tanned skin model


Airbrush Makeup by Kim Rodriguez

However, I still want to have fairer skin. My friends would usually freak out if they hear me say that. Some would even say "May ipuputi ka pa ba?" (Do you think your skin could be even more whiter?).

Kim baby

I was born with a fair skin already.

But since childhood, I love going to beaches and staying in the sun.

kim at bohol

kim at bohol

I also hate bringing umbrellas with me. That's why I get a little color at times and freckles started showing up. This is the time when I need the help of the new L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Transparent Rosy Whitening Day CreamSPF17/PA++

Loreal Black and White Event

With a new technological breakthrough called "Melanin-Vanish" - 1 Drop, 50x More Powerful. It gives the skin a rosy glow and helps reduce dark spots by stopping the melanin production up to 95% and de-pigmenting existing melanin.

Frankly, I think most people our country have the impression that having a beautiful skin is being white and flawless. "Some" may consider it as a basis of the social status of a person. A few might object but that's just my opinion :). As a make-up artist and a beauty blogger, I want to have the kind of skin that most people are impressed of. With fairer skin, I can get 50x more confidence in offering my make-up services to my clients and in facing new people during the blogging events I attend to.

perfect white

How about you? What do you want 50X MORE with fairer skin?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Have you done your part in The Body Shop and ECPAT's stop sex trafficking campaign?

Yesterday, I was watching an online streaming of last Saturday's episode of Imbestigador. There was a teenage girl who got recruited for a job and left her family in Baguio City but ended up being a prostitute in a bar. It's so heart-breaking to know that some people are really capable of doing those things to others. Then, just this morning I got an email from Ms. Jo Alforque of ECPAT about the status of their campaign.

ECPAT and TBS Stop Sex Trafficking Campaign

ECPAT and TBS Stop Sex Trafficking Campaign

The Body Shop and ECPAT has been very active in raising the Sex Trafficking awareness in our country for months now.

As of the moment, they've already gathered 48,000+ signatures both online and offline. But it's not yet even half of the 500,000 goal to be presented to our beloved President and United Nations by midyear of 2011.

If you haven't signed the petition yet or you have friends and family who would like to fall in with this campaign, please help speed up the collection of the petition signatures. Remember to not just LIKE the BIG STOP campaign to STOP SEX TRAFFICKING OF CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE but "SIGN THE PHILIPPINE PETITION" at

If there are incidents you wish to report or you have questions regarding this campaign,
you may contact ECPAT through the following:

ECPAT email address:
ECPAT telephone: (02) 920.81.51 and fax (02) 441.51.08

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Remember my post about my OCC Lip Tar haul? It took me so long to review them because I didn't touch them for months. I had a bad first impression because I thought it looked fake on my lips. But when I had my Airbrush Makeup Class at HD Makeup Academy, my friend Stef taught me how to use it properly. Now it's what I've been wearing for almost every occasion and my favorite shade is the NSFW.

kim at loreal bloggers event

Me wearing OCC Lip Tar NSFW at the L'Oreal Bloggers Event. Grabbed this photo from the L'oreal Paris Philippines FB Fan Page.

Here's how I apply it:

Moisturized lips

Make sure you moisturize your lips before applying the OCC Lip Tar. If you have very dry lips exfoliate it first then moisturize. Leave on moisturizer on the lips for about 5-10 minutes.

Lip conditioner

occ lip tar nsfw

A tiny drop is enough for 2 coatings on the entire lips

occ lip tar nsfw

Apply as thinly as possible. Use a lip brush to apply the lip color then brush the excess on your makeup plate.

occ lip tar nsfw

Press your lips on a paper towel then reapply.

occ lip tar nsfw

Applying every coat very thinly makes a perfect finish.

What I like about the product:

  • Very pigmented. The color is already so vibrant with just one coat. I'm sure the tube will last long.
  • Great staying power.
  • Looks good on photos.
  • Colors can be mixed to achieve a new one.I'm planning to get the primary colors for avant garde photoshoots.
  • The NSFW shade is the best red lip color I have. It suits my skin tone very well.
  • Dries easily.
  • Dries as a matte but with a hint of gloss on its appearance.
What I don't like:
  • Very tricky to apply. You have to do it carefully to get the best result unlike lip colors in tube.
  • I find the gloss consistency a bit messy to apply.

Do you own an OCC Lip Tar? What's your take on this?

OCC Lip Tars are available locally at HD Makeup Studio.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Intramuros wedding

Last Saturday, my husband and I were on the road going to Manila as early as 4:30 am for a wedding make-up gig. The wedding was scheduled 11 am but I have to do 5 heads so Nona, my client, requested for me to arrive early.

Intramuros wedding

Nona's before shot

Intramuros wedding

Airbrush makeup by Kim Rodriguez. Here's Nona, nervous and excited inside the bridal car. This was the only time I was able to take closer photos of her.

Intramuros wedding

San Agustin Intramuros Church. It's just right next to the famous Manila Cathedral. The church was mesmerizing. Very ideal if you want a solemn wedding. I kept on looking at the ceiling and the altar the entire mass. It's not air-conditioned though.

Intramuros wedding

Intramuros wedding

One thing I love about my job is seeing couples in love *kilig*. I like their idea of the kalesa being their means of transportation going back to the hotel. Felt like I was in the old era.

Intramuros wedding

Huge parking space for the guests

Intramuros wedding

I also like their choice of hotel/reception. Guests just walked going to Hotel Intramuros. It's just a few steps away from the church. We saved gas, time and energy.

Intramuros wedding

Hotel Intramuros. At first, my husband and I thought it was difficult to find. It was not in Google Maps! haha.

Intramuros wedding

It's a two story hotel. I love how the vintage layout adds drama to the occasion. I wasn't able to take photos at the room as I was busy with the preparation. But the rooms were spacious and clean. My husband just complained that there are no elevators in the hotel so he had carried all my stuff to the room haha.

I had a very busy Saturday so I wasn't able to go to the Megasale :( But I'm happy that my makeup gig was successful.


I just have to post this. I was in the mood to cook this morning because of ProChef. It was a gift we received from our wedding and it was only this month I attempted to use it. I love it so much because it made slicing like beating eggs in a bowl. Thank you ProChef makers for this wonderful tool!


aglio olio,aglio olio

My husband loved my Aglio Olio so much! With just olive oil, butter, parsley, garlic and soy sauce you can already make delectable pasta.

mcdonal's twister fries

Lastly, have you heard that McDonald's Twister fries is back? Yey! I had it last night and I'm craving it again for our dinner tonight :) I intend to have it as often as I can because it's for limited time only.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Trying Out Charlie's Famous Black Angus Burger

It has been over a year since I moved to Mandaluyong. Aside from being near to the famous malls in the metro, discovering great nearby places to pig out which I thought are muted is what I love most.

I've been reading a lot of raves from food bloggers about Charlie's Black Angus Burger. Hidden behind a car wash in East Kapitolyo drive, it has been making a name since last year (I think!). Though it's close to my place, we managed to pay a visit only last Monday after the L'Oreal event I attended.



Charlie's facade. You order and pay at the counter outside. I didn't take a close look at Charlie's menu as my mind was already set to order the Black Angus Burger :) Sorry! There are few seats available outside if you wish to dine al fresco but there is also an air-conditioned area.


The signage is quite unnoticeable so you might not find it easily if you're not familiar with the area. If you're coming from Pioneer Centre, go straight to Cafe Juanita. It's right after Three Sisters and Good Burger and behind a car wash.


This is how it looks like on the air-conditioned area. It's small but it's well-designed. There are also televisions on each side which makes it a good place to hang out more.

For our orders:


Chili-Cheese French Fries - P150

I love the big cut of potatoes. It's so cheesy and the taco sauce is superb! But the chili flavor is kinda strong for me. I bet guys will like this as my hubby did.


Black Angus Burger - P165 / P195 with fries


Served with a mouth-watering melted cheese


Raw onions, tomato and big piece of lettuce

Just one bite and I already know the reason why people make effort to go to Kapitolyo just to have a taste of this famous Black Angus Burger from Charlie's. The patty is juicy and tasty. P165 might be pricey for some but it's so worth for a quality burger like this.


I'll definitely go back and try the other burgers on their menu. I heard their Philly Cheese Steak is also to die for.

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