Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why I want a fairer skin?

I honestly do not believe that being fair is more beautiful than being tan or dark. I am even fascinated with how the skin of people with tan color appear on photographs. Here are some of my favorite shots from my portfolio :

tanned skin model


Airbrush Makeup by Kim Rodriguez

However, I still want to have fairer skin. My friends would usually freak out if they hear me say that. Some would even say "May ipuputi ka pa ba?" (Do you think your skin could be even more whiter?).

Kim baby

I was born with a fair skin already.

But since childhood, I love going to beaches and staying in the sun.

kim at bohol

kim at bohol

I also hate bringing umbrellas with me. That's why I get a little color at times and freckles started showing up. This is the time when I need the help of the new L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Transparent Rosy Whitening Day CreamSPF17/PA++

Loreal Black and White Event

With a new technological breakthrough called "Melanin-Vanish" - 1 Drop, 50x More Powerful. It gives the skin a rosy glow and helps reduce dark spots by stopping the melanin production up to 95% and de-pigmenting existing melanin.

Frankly, I think most people our country have the impression that having a beautiful skin is being white and flawless. "Some" may consider it as a basis of the social status of a person. A few might object but that's just my opinion :). As a make-up artist and a beauty blogger, I want to have the kind of skin that most people are impressed of. With fairer skin, I can get 50x more confidence in offering my make-up services to my clients and in facing new people during the blogging events I attend to.

perfect white

How about you? What do you want 50X MORE with fairer skin?


Anonymous said...

Love this kim! :)

carolyn B said...

I want 50x more confidence! My husband is a budding photographer and he often asks me to model for him. I haven't said yes yet because I'm afraid my pimple scars will show. :O

Anonymous said...

oo nga bkit nga b tayong mga pinoy gusto pumuti....while foreigners especially Caucasians gusto maging tan ung kulay...

Mauie Flores said...

I want to have 50x more moolah! LOL! Nope, seriously. Being fair doesn't have anything to do with what I do for a living. But believe me, a plus-sized morena is not that appealing. Ok na 'ko maging chubby, penge lang ng konting puti, hahaha!

Anonymous said...

people say...
1. virtually all Filipino guys including most husbands today prefer fair skin.
2. most ladies for whatever reason get offended when asked about their darker skin.
3. evidently we idolize many fair-skin celebrities
4. its a colonial mentality thing
5. and personally siguro nasa lahi na ng ibang pinoy parang ako i look so chinese and sometime japanese

DeBi said...

I want my to have my morena color 50x more. well, im a little fairer than before....feeling ko kasi ang outla ko na...hahaha
And feeling ko, people desire what they dont have. e.g. morena would want to have fairer skin while caucasians would want to have tanned skin...ako, masaya sa kulay morena. I will not trade my skin. hehehe

Anonymous said...

ako din sana maputi! hehe

Anonymous said...

I want to have 50X more fairer skin. Though I already have fair skin since birth, I still want it to be 50X more ! Para I'm the fairest of them all ! :D lol

sarah said...

i want a fairer skin because personally, i think that's what fits me. every time my face gets a tan, hindi bagay. para lang talaga akong nadumihan sa maghapon na lakaran sa araw. i envy those who are deliciously tanned and still bagay. ok lang. sa puti na lang ako. ;))

airaadvincula said...

though ang mga puti d2 mas gusto nila tanned skin syempre i still want a fairer skin, it makes me feel good :D

kate demetrio said...

i so wish to be fairer too haha! oh well... =)