Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Have you done your part in The Body Shop and ECPAT's stop sex trafficking campaign?

Yesterday, I was watching an online streaming of last Saturday's episode of Imbestigador. There was a teenage girl who got recruited for a job and left her family in Baguio City but ended up being a prostitute in a bar. It's so heart-breaking to know that some people are really capable of doing those things to others. Then, just this morning I got an email from Ms. Jo Alforque of ECPAT about the status of their campaign.

ECPAT and TBS Stop Sex Trafficking Campaign

ECPAT and TBS Stop Sex Trafficking Campaign

The Body Shop and ECPAT has been very active in raising the Sex Trafficking awareness in our country for months now.

As of the moment, they've already gathered 48,000+ signatures both online and offline. But it's not yet even half of the 500,000 goal to be presented to our beloved President and United Nations by midyear of 2011.

If you haven't signed the petition yet or you have friends and family who would like to fall in with this campaign, please help speed up the collection of the petition signatures. Remember to not just LIKE the BIG STOP campaign to STOP SEX TRAFFICKING OF CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE but "SIGN THE PHILIPPINE PETITION" at

If there are incidents you wish to report or you have questions regarding this campaign,
you may contact ECPAT through the following:

ECPAT email address:
ECPAT telephone: (02) 920.81.51 and fax (02) 441.51.08

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billie said...

Thank you for helping us raise awareness for the campaign Kim! :) Sayang nga, we were supposed to partner with Imbestigador on that episode, but we weren't able to push through. :(