Monday, October 18, 2010

Intramuros wedding

Last Saturday, my husband and I were on the road going to Manila as early as 4:30 am for a wedding make-up gig. The wedding was scheduled 11 am but I have to do 5 heads so Nona, my client, requested for me to arrive early.

Intramuros wedding

Nona's before shot

Intramuros wedding

Airbrush makeup by Kim Rodriguez. Here's Nona, nervous and excited inside the bridal car. This was the only time I was able to take closer photos of her.

Intramuros wedding

San Agustin Intramuros Church. It's just right next to the famous Manila Cathedral. The church was mesmerizing. Very ideal if you want a solemn wedding. I kept on looking at the ceiling and the altar the entire mass. It's not air-conditioned though.

Intramuros wedding

Intramuros wedding

One thing I love about my job is seeing couples in love *kilig*. I like their idea of the kalesa being their means of transportation going back to the hotel. Felt like I was in the old era.

Intramuros wedding

Huge parking space for the guests

Intramuros wedding

I also like their choice of hotel/reception. Guests just walked going to Hotel Intramuros. It's just a few steps away from the church. We saved gas, time and energy.

Intramuros wedding

Hotel Intramuros. At first, my husband and I thought it was difficult to find. It was not in Google Maps! haha.

Intramuros wedding

It's a two story hotel. I love how the vintage layout adds drama to the occasion. I wasn't able to take photos at the room as I was busy with the preparation. But the rooms were spacious and clean. My husband just complained that there are no elevators in the hotel so he had carried all my stuff to the room haha.

I had a very busy Saturday so I wasn't able to go to the Megasale :( But I'm happy that my makeup gig was successful.


I just have to post this. I was in the mood to cook this morning because of ProChef. It was a gift we received from our wedding and it was only this month I attempted to use it. I love it so much because it made slicing like beating eggs in a bowl. Thank you ProChef makers for this wonderful tool!


aglio olio,aglio olio

My husband loved my Aglio Olio so much! With just olive oil, butter, parsley, garlic and soy sauce you can already make delectable pasta.

mcdonal's twister fries

Lastly, have you heard that McDonald's Twister fries is back? Yey! I had it last night and I'm craving it again for our dinner tonight :) I intend to have it as often as I can because it's for limited time only.

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