Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meet My New Bestfriend

Hi everyone! This is Hailey. She's gonna be my best friend for a long time while I explore new hairstyling techniques. When I was pregnant, I decided to name my baby Hailey which sounds like the name of my mom "Hedy" (if my baby was a girl). But I was blessed with the opposite so that's the end of the story haha.

kim rodriguez hairstyling

Today was day 2 of my Hairstyling Class and here are what I've done so far with my new bestfriend.

kim rodriguez hairstyling

Classic Ponytail

kim rodriguez hairstyling


kim rodriguez hairstyling

Flip Tru

kim rodriguez hairstyling

Gibson Tuck

Different Types of Braids:

kim rodriguez hairstyling

kim rodriguez hairstyling

kim rodriguez hairstyling

I fell in love with braids today. Will try to pratice more on what hairstyles I could do with it.
I have to rest now coz my hands are really tired. Keep you posted! Ciao


AskMeWhats said...

LOL I also named my doll! I named her Giselle (ala bundchen ba?) Anyways, the head of the doll freaked out my bro! hahah fun times!

Great hairstyling dear!!!

CHARRY said...

Nice. Ako nga I can't even tie the hair of my daughter. Her hair is super curly and manipis. Give us tutorial naman on how to do the bun or the braid. please.:)

DeBi said...

braids are so cute. Sayang, sana ikaw nalang ang MUA ko nung wedding ko...heheh (that was two years ago).
di bale, when there will be gigs, I'll recommend you.

Krista Silva said...

So Hailey pala ang name nya! :)

*KiM* said...

@Nikki...ayaw din ni hubby makita ang doll ko pinapatago sa kin. When he found out it's natural hair he freaked out even more haha


@Debi....wow thanks!

@Krista...yup i wasn't able to mention that in our class hehe