Thursday, May 28, 2009

Makeup for HedgeZero's first music video: Distant Voices

A few weeks ago, I did grooming and makeup for HedgeZero's "Distant Voices" video shoot for the LSS show at Flippish.

As some of you may know already, my hubby is the guitarist of the band. This event was really exciting for us because for the first time, we were able to do our passion together (music and makeup) =)

What is Flippish? - is the First Online Video Channel in the Philippines. They feature different shows about indie bands, makeup, fashion and many more.

The shooting location was at Paco Catholic School. Here are some of the behind the scene pics:

It was kinda hard to put makeup on my hubby. At least he cooperated a little on that day haha.

Ongek. He's the most behaved model (just observing what I'm putting on his face).

AJ. The voice of HedgeZero.

Mike (the drummer). Said that I was the first person who was able to put makeup on his face LOL.

Noel (the bassist). Who seemed to be the most excited about this makeup thing. ;-P

Pics from Noel of HeadTripTrauma. Thank you so much for the write-up that inspired me more to work hard for my dream =)

Fransics Mae, our very pretty model.

The cast (not complete)

At last...the long wait is over! The video is now up on the site. Click the pic below to watch the video!

If you liked the music, vote for them guys =D

Thanks to HedgeZero for trusting me with this gig. To Belen, Van and Pinky for hair styling, to Francis Mae (the female model) and to the staff of Flippish.

Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Basement Academy Beauty Makeup Course Day 4: Men's makeup and Bronzing

I used to think that men’s makeup is the easiest but when we tackled this at the makeup school, I realized that it’s very challenging. Why?

Most men are not comfortable wearing makeup – You have to make your model comfortable and assure him that you’ll not make him look like a girl. =D

Men’s skin reacts differently. – use a foundation 2 to 3 shades darker that his skin tone You don’t want your model’s face to look so white in photos.

While contouring is done below the cheekbones for women, it’s done on the cheekbones for men – for a masculine effect.

Here's a before and after pic of my model on that day:


Bronzed look’s characteristics: dark foundation, Shimmery eyeshadows preferably with gold or silver, dark liners, fab falsies, Shimmery highlight, Shimmery lips.


Bronzing was not that difficult with the model that was assigned to me that night. I really liked how it turned out.




MUA and the model

I would like to do this to myself one of these days LOL. How about you? Dare?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend at La Luz Beach Resort

As early as 7am last Saturday, we drove all the way to Batangas for our family excursion. We arrived at La Luz Beach Resort past 12pm. It was a looong drive (with traffic) but all our stress were gone as soon as we saw the beauty of the place.

We chose this because we've heard nothing but good feedback about it from friends. Here's a picture of our room.

This is a standard room good for 6 persons max. The room was very nice and clean. I just wish they had bigger beds. Standard room P1800/$36.


Moi before the massage. It was really good. I can't even force myself to walk to our room after. P250/$5 for the Whole body massage.

It was a place loaded with rocks. Am I right? You can see huge coral reeves and unusual kinds of fish 10 feet from the shore already so it's best to swim during high tide.

A perfect spot if you like snorkeling or diving. They provide life vests for free and snorkling gears are available for rent P100/$2 for 3 hours.

A very relaxed atmosphere....

Me and my favorite niece Ianna.

All in all...I really enjoyed our stay at the resort. Their staff is accommodating and the place is peaceful. You just have to read the resort's rules and regulations first because they do not allow their guests to bring food inside. Instead, they offer food packages which for me are reasonable enough :). Also, you have to reserve a few months before to ensure your slot. You can check their rates and packages here:

After that, we passed by Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Lipa, Batangas.

This Church was said to be miraculous because this is where the rose petals (that supposedly has images of Mary) event took place. This is still being investigated by the Church.

This is where I offered two candles for my mom =)

Next stop, we visited the convent of the Missionary Sisters of Catechism (Lipa, Batangas). Pau's uncle is a friend of the sisters so he brought us there to see their place.

They offered us food. I just got a few pictures though.

Pure mango shake + sweet potato

Italian espresso. I love it!

The sisters toured us to their poultry area.

The soon-to-be Our Lady of Guadalupe Home Care. Still a lot of work so let's help them pray that they receive a lot of help and that they finish their project successfully.

We decided to hear mass at the beautiful Cathedral of Lipa since we won't make it to the last mass in Manila. I was amazed with the size of the church...look!

I hope you enjoyed the few pictures I shared and reading my weekend escapade. What did you do this weekend? I'd love to know =D Ciao

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Basement Academy Beauty Makeup Course Day 3: Smokey Look

Hi everyone! On our third day at Basement Academy, we were taught how to do a one-tone smokey eyes. For me, it was one of the most exciting part of the course because with perfect application, smokey eyes can make anyone look sexy woot woot!

Our pretty teacher, Ms. Cheryl Cabanos, also taught us how to groom the eyebrows and draw a perfect shape. I do my own since highschool but it was my first time to do it on someone else waaahhh. Scary but I did it hehe.

I didn't know that using one-tone is the hardest (for me). I was able to practice my blending thoroughly with this look. Here's Girlie (my model for that day). Does she remind you of Jessica Simpson? =D



She knows how to project...Love her!


With our fab preggy teach :D

L-R Steph, Nikki, moi, and Shen

Today is our graduation day! wooohooo...It feels good but sad coz I will surely miss these girls.

Monday, May 18, 2009

How to create a flawless face

A beautiful makeover is like a work of art. Before an artist begins to apply color, he/she first "primes" his canvas with white paint which has strong coverage to mask the imperfections in the material. On this perfect, flawless canvas, he can really explore his creativity using the colors in his/her makeup palette.

As one of the makeup artists I’ve met told me, the first and most important part of applying makeup is creating a perfect canvas. In other words, creating a flawless face. *wink*. Once you’ve achieved it, it’ll be easier to do the look you have in mind.

The no. 1 dilemma of many girls out there (including me) is how to cover acne scars. Thanks to Juvel1977 for asking me to do a tutorial on this.

People have different styles in makeup so do things that work for you best okie? :-D But here’s the sequence I follow:

1) Cleanse and moisturize.

2) Apply a color corrector.

What is a color corrector? - Color correctors work to counteract specific flaws in facial complexions.

The ones I own are the Watercolors color corrector and Makeup Forever camouflage palette.

I got this several months ago at the CAS cosmetic sale for P500/$10. But if you want to check this out, there's a branch of Watercolors at the 3rd level of Shangri-la mall.

MUFE camouflage palette - This was given to me but you can check this out at any MUFE store for P1200 if I remember correctly.

Green – counteracts redness so use this to cover any red spots in your face.

Lavender – is used for sallow skin, yellow or brownish bruises, or spots that appear dark on bronzed skin tones.

Orange - covers blue tones such as veins, dark circles and bruises.

There are still some color correctors available but the above are the only ones I use currently.

4. Apply your foundation. Be careful in choosing the right shade for you. If your neck is darker than your face, choose one that matches the color of your neck.

5. You can conceal any imperfections that are still visible.

6. Apply face/loose face powder to set your foundation.

I hope you were able to learn some things on this post Juvel1977 or anyone who’s reading. Just shoot me an email if you have comments or questions.

Our topic on our makeup class today is “Bridal makeup”…I’m so excited yey. Ciao :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beauty Makeup Course at Basement Academy: Day 2 - Evening look

Ahhhh it feels so good to finally able to sleep almost 8 hours after a week. I've been busy juggling work, makeup school, assignments and personal life =D so sorry for the lack of updates.

On the second day of our makeup classes, we learned proper contouring which includes: identifying face and eye shapes, and lips and nose enhancements.

We applied what we have learned on the first day then our teacher gave a demo on how to do an evening look. It's just a bit darker makeup :)

Here's the before and after pics of my model:


Her name is also Kim :)

Teacher Cheryl liked my contouring and shading. But I still have to master the eye shapes.

Gotta go for now...This'll be a very busy day for me hehe. Happy weekend!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beauty Makeup Course at Basement Academy: Day 1 - No makeup look

Hi everyone! ^_^ yawns ^_^ I've been sleep-deprived for the past 2 days. I have to spend 9 hours in the office then proceed to the Basement Academy for my makeup classes until 11pm. I'll have to do this this until Thursday next week whew! But in despite of that, it's hella fun! What made it more exciting is that Shen, Nikki and Steph were my classmates :)

First Day: Our teacher, Ms. Cheryl Cabanos, discussed the tools we need, theories and concepts, and did a demo on how to create a non-makeup look. Then, we applied what we learned on our models. Our teacher gave me a grade of 10 for this look yey :)

Model: Mariel (model was provided by the school)

Will give you more details soon :) I can't think right now sorry. I've already started building my portfolio in Multiply (see the link on the left bar).


The very gorgeous lady and the queen of cutting crease Anastacia awarded me. Thank you sooo much girl :) *hugz*

Terms & Conditions For the Award Recipient:

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10 blogs I feel most inspired and most friendly??? hmmm it's so hard everyone in blogger is friendly and almost all are dedicated to what they love...if I forgot someone it's because I'm hungry and sleepy ayt? :) Well, aside from Anastacia:

Nikki ,Tuniez, Shen, Donnarence, Nehs, Teeyah, Aquaracer, Soapaholic, Chrissy, Mymyganda

That's all...Ciao =)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Friday dinner at Teriyaki Boy

Happy Monday dear bloggers!

Yesterday was a very hectic but gaeity day for us. Lots of celebration, food and chitchat. Pau's family had a reunion, a gathering for all the moms in their clan. Big families are cool! :)

Today, I want to share with you what my officemates and I had last Friday. Rhea, our ex-officebuddy invited us for dinner and requested her nearest fav resto "Teriyaki Boy". - Combining the warmth of the east and the efficiency of the west, Teriyaki Boy is the first fast-casual Japanese dining restaurant in the Philippines. We take pride in serving traditional home-cooked Japanese meals at fast-food speed and reasonable prices.

What we had: (pics at Teriyaki Boy Frontera Verde Branch)


Ika Fry - fried squid rings. Best eaten with the sauce.


Agedashi Tofu - Deep-fried silken tofu, served with a light soy broth, topped with grated ginger-daikon and bonito flakes. P95. If you like tofu, this is a must try. An appetizing high quality tofu with a light, aromatic sauce! Thumbs up :)


Ebi Tempura Ramen - Fresh tiger prawns, battered and deep-fried, topped on your choice of noodle and soup base. P175.....My first time to try this. I never thought ebi tempura would really taste good as a ramen :) Liked it


Pork Katsudon - I don't eat pork that much so I didn't try this one :)


Ebi Tempura - Fresh tiger prawns, battered and deep-fried until crispy. 3 pcs - P170
6 pcs - P260. My fave of all Japanese dishes!


Teriyaki Boy Chicken - grilled chicken, with sweet and savoury teriyaki sauce, topped on steamed Japanese rice. P195. - This is their best seller.


IT solutions and delivery team - afternoon shifters =P. Someone commented about my eye bags that day so I guess I exaggerated my concealer a bit. Yaiyks, I can totally see it on this pic.


Gemma and I


Ty and Rhea

My take: Teriyaki Boy is not your typical, everyday food because it's a bit pricey (for me). But price is very competitive compared to other Japanese restos here in Manila. It's also the one that I kept coming back because of the taste and quality of their food. Frontera Verde branch - I like that it's not too crowded plus service and staff are ok. Had a good experience :)

Do you like Japanese food too? What's the best you've tried?

Teriyaki Boy
You can visit their website at

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I would like to greet all the mothers out there a "HAPPY HAPPY MOTHER's DAY!"

I miss my mom soooo much. It's been 3 years since I've last seen her :(

Here's a photo of us when my parents and baby sister left for the US 6 years ago. Errr...I don't like this pic but this is the only one I could find.

Anyways, I called to greet her only to find out that she was confined to the hospital last Friday. Sad but my mom is a very wonderful person that's why I have strong faith that God will always protect her. :) Help me pray for her ok :)

Sorry for the sad news...I know this should be a happy day hehe. I'm just in an emo mode right now.

But tomorrow will surely be a blast coz It'll be the start of my dream. A few days ago, I enrolled on a Beauty Makeup Course at Basement Academy. This is my 2nd goal for 2009 remember? Tomorrow will be the start of the two-week course hehehe. Nikki and I will be classmates too yey!

Bye for now :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My first decent nail art

Are you guys having a blissful weekend? As for me...Pau and I cleaned our new place almost half of the day. I got so tired but excited at the same time hehe. After that, we went to Bonifacio Highstreet to tour his balikbayan cousin.

Enough of the rambling! =D Last Friday, I went to Robinson's Galleria to buy some cheap cleaning stuff from the 88 store. But I saw Saizen first and I got curious. I was surprised to find a nail art section there. is love but I find it so difficult to do because I don't have the tools. I've been wanting to do this coz I got really inspired by Nikki's nail art posts hehe =D


This Saizen store is located at the 2nd level East wing of Robinson's Galleria. Very huge and offers almost all of the household, school and decoration needs. All of their products are priced at P85/$1.7...If you plan to shop in this, be sure to check out the price in the regular stores first. Some are good buys but some are errrr...hehe. Don't be fooled by marketing strategy hehe.


I got the following from their nail art section:

Nail Art Sticker
Nail Art Dotter
Pointed Tweezer


And here's my very first decent nail art...




A close-up pic


What I used:

The FaceShop base coat
Orly nude nail color
Elianto white nail color
The FaceShop top coat
The Face Shop flower nail stickers

Simple and not perfect but I'm proud of it =D Thanks for the tutorials Nikki!

Till tom everyone!