Monday, May 18, 2009

How to create a flawless face

A beautiful makeover is like a work of art. Before an artist begins to apply color, he/she first "primes" his canvas with white paint which has strong coverage to mask the imperfections in the material. On this perfect, flawless canvas, he can really explore his creativity using the colors in his/her makeup palette.

As one of the makeup artists I’ve met told me, the first and most important part of applying makeup is creating a perfect canvas. In other words, creating a flawless face. *wink*. Once you’ve achieved it, it’ll be easier to do the look you have in mind.

The no. 1 dilemma of many girls out there (including me) is how to cover acne scars. Thanks to Juvel1977 for asking me to do a tutorial on this.

People have different styles in makeup so do things that work for you best okie? :-D But here’s the sequence I follow:

1) Cleanse and moisturize.

2) Apply a color corrector.

What is a color corrector? - Color correctors work to counteract specific flaws in facial complexions.

The ones I own are the Watercolors color corrector and Makeup Forever camouflage palette.

I got this several months ago at the CAS cosmetic sale for P500/$10. But if you want to check this out, there's a branch of Watercolors at the 3rd level of Shangri-la mall.

MUFE camouflage palette - This was given to me but you can check this out at any MUFE store for P1200 if I remember correctly.

Green – counteracts redness so use this to cover any red spots in your face.

Lavender – is used for sallow skin, yellow or brownish bruises, or spots that appear dark on bronzed skin tones.

Orange - covers blue tones such as veins, dark circles and bruises.

There are still some color correctors available but the above are the only ones I use currently.

4. Apply your foundation. Be careful in choosing the right shade for you. If your neck is darker than your face, choose one that matches the color of your neck.

5. You can conceal any imperfections that are still visible.

6. Apply face/loose face powder to set your foundation.

I hope you were able to learn some things on this post Juvel1977 or anyone who’s reading. Just shoot me an email if you have comments or questions.

Our topic on our makeup class today is “Bridal makeup”…I’m so excited yey. Ciao :)


♥ Nehs ♥ said...

very helpful Kim! I've been wondering about the color corrector stuff. :) thanks for this!

donnarence said...

the concealer palette looks nice.. i have been drooling over Lise Watier's concealer wheel and that looks an amazing alternative..

Anonymous said...

now i am dying to go to ortigas for many reasons! :D and watercolors is on top of it!

Tara Cabullo said...

I love the tips! :D Good luck with make up school, dear :)

noone said...

cool thanks for sharing! So in my next haul I'm going to by more orange base cuz I hate getting the dark ring around my eyes!

fuzkittie said...

What a great tutorial! :D So clear~ Thanks!!

AskMeWhats said...

*hugs* a great post!!! this is very helpful to everyone!!! :)

Elsa said...

so nice of you kim to answer my request in multiply! can't wait to go check watercolors and MUFE palette, hope i could do just fine and wishing they are on sale hehehe!. your an angel on beauty blog by helping those who wanted to look good and feel great and sharing your knowledge about makeup!

hope i could get discount someday when i need one! :D

God bless and more power...