Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beauty Makeup Course at Basement Academy: Day 2 - Evening look

Ahhhh it feels so good to finally able to sleep almost 8 hours after a week. I've been busy juggling work, makeup school, assignments and personal life =D so sorry for the lack of updates.

On the second day of our makeup classes, we learned proper contouring which includes: identifying face and eye shapes, and lips and nose enhancements.

We applied what we have learned on the first day then our teacher gave a demo on how to do an evening look. It's just a bit darker makeup :)

Here's the before and after pics of my model:


Her name is also Kim :)

Teacher Cheryl liked my contouring and shading. But I still have to master the eye shapes.

Gotta go for now...This'll be a very busy day for me hehe. Happy weekend!


AskMeWhats said...

Alam mo sis? Super funny, because we're all so busy! it is hard to really appreciate the work we've done, but when I took a look at ther photo! WOW! You've done a great job at Kim!!!! :) Love it! Sis you do makeup on me next time ha? hahahah see you on Sunday! :)

Anonymous said...

i love the eye make up on her and her face looks so much better after you've applied make up. btw how did you line her eyes? O: it looks nice and defined but not thick.

Kim said...

@Nikki...yup sobrang tired hehehe. Ikaw din pala. Thanks Nikki! I'd really love to do your makeup. No efforts kasi pretty na talaga =D

@gia ... wow hihi thanks for your comment. I just used Elizabeth Arden in Espresso eyeliner to tightline then on the upper outer corner of the eyes :) just a thin line

Rochelle Rivera said...

Honestly I love makeup but I'm NOT very good at it, but so cool what makeup can do to make our face more colorful. I love how you did this I wish you can do mine too. :-)

* Jen * said...

You did such a good job Kim! =D

*KiM* said...

@Rochelle..I've seen your pics on your blog and you do your makeup really well. I'm sure you can do it too :) I'd love to someday...maybe when you visit the Philippines? :D

@Jen...Thank you so much!