Friday, December 16, 2022

My Financial Plans for 2023

2023 is fast approaching. Are you happy with how your money is growing? Would you consider yourself financially stable already?

Although I believe that our generation now is more knowledgeable in handling finances because of the unlimited resources we have now through the internet, I still believe that we learn a lot from our elders based on their financial successes and failures. My dad used to be a businessman when he was alive so I also consulted him a lot when it comes to that field and how I wish that he was still here to guide and give me advice whenever I try to venture into something.

One of the best lessons he gave me was to plan my expenses ahead before I get try to invest or buy another one. He also told me that every time I receive an income, I have to focus on my savings first and then divide the remaining to my bills and other things for myself. It's also best to invest while you're still young on insurance and real estate so I can retire earlier. The secret to achieving those goals is careful planning of spending and putting everything into a list where I could monitor where my money goes.

Since I'm a mom now who runs a household, I found myself being overwhelmed with the things we have to pay monthly like our house, school and car fees, insurance, and another unforeseen spending. I do all the calculations and note-keeping online because it's easier and more convenient for me. One online tool that I find so useful is It offers a wide variety of computing tools that helped me monitor my loans, and mortgages, and assist me with budgeting. All I had to do was keep my data in a spreadsheet and I can do my planning and execution of the next steps based on that.

For people who do a lot of things in a day, this is actually very easy to use. If you know the figures to enter, it's just as quick and easy as 1-2-3. It won't involve too much effort for one to get the computation that he/she needs. Younger people than I am who are not too familiar with computing or generally, not good in math will put these online tools to good use.

This 2023, I want to grow my savings and be able to invest in properties that could generate income even if I'm not physically working for it. If you just started earning your own money, you can enjoy it, of course. However, you also have to be wise with it so you could enjoy a worry-free and comfortable life as you get older.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Another Set of Online Games I Enjoy Recently

Online games are my family's favorite bonding activity. With the wide variety of choices we have right now, I get so picky when it comes to the games that I choose my kids to play. To be honest, I prefer the ones where they'll be able to exercise their brains by thinking of techniques on how to solve a certain problem in a game. That way, they're learning and enjoying themselves at the same time. 

I recently found out that the site that I mentioned in my previous post, Mortgage Calculator, has a gaming section which I find so cool. After getting worked up with my financial calculations, it's good to take that part away from my mind for a while and enjoy cool online games which I can finish in just a short amount of time. The games I've tried are nothing complicated, but very interesting so I'm sure that your young ones will surely enjoy them too. 

I asked my daughter to choose which game she wanted to try first and she chose, the Lego City Adventures Build and Protect. This is an interesting one because kids love anything they can build. It's also an added benefit that they learned how tax works and earn revenues by owning properties just by playing this game. It's easy to play because you can read the instructions before playing the game in the section. 

As she progress in playing the game and was able to explore more zones, she was able to use more unique lego pieces which adds to her interest in continuing the game. It's like building a city and learning how to maintain and protect it just like in the real world.

Another game that the adults in our family enjoyed is the Bob and Chainsaw. It's so simple because you just have to click on which side you're going to cut the tree to avoid getting hit by the big trunk. It takes a little practice to master clicking and eye coordination. I didn't know I was playing it for almost an hour because one can easily get hooked on it while trying to concentrate to win.

I'm just happy that we got a lot of options nowadays. In my opinion, it's a good addition to a serious financial site like the Mortgage Calculator. It adds an entertaining side to the other useful functionalities that it offers. It's a great bonding activity you could do while chilling at home, or taking a break in a coffee shop. You should definitely try it. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Keep on Saving to Retire Early and Enjoy Life

Most of the topics of my husband and I's discussions at night before going to sleep are about how we can earn more money so we could achieve our goals early and enjoy every moment we have for the rest of our lives. We also don't want to become a burden to our kids when we grow old, so we plan to have the resources and capabilities to support ourselves when that time comes. 

We've started growing our money by finding different sources of income. We also ventured into investing. One area that we try to focus on now is saving. We figured that we need to fix how we currently use our money to make our plans more effective and fast. It covers a lot of aspects of our daily lives. The simplest is how we save money by choosing where we buy our weekly groceries and planning our weekly food. 

With so many places we've invested in, it is important for us to track them so we know where we are in reaching our goals. However, it's not too easy for me because I'm not an accountant. I'm still new at this. That's the reason why I rely on online tools to make my life easier and my work faster. The best one I've found is All I needed to do was input all the numbers that I have and it'll compute what I need to know about my savings. Currently, it uses US Dollars as the default currency, but you could easily convert it and it works just the same. 

The site also contains good reads if you're just starting your savings. Gathering information and making yourself aware is a good start to getting the amount that you want for your future. You can also find calculators related to education and retirement. If you're like me who wants to retire before turning 50 and enjoy traveling while my body is still capable of doing it, you should try this do and create your own tracker.

Like I always say, there's nothing wrong with longing for more money or financial stability. Money is not evil because you can use it to do good things. I wish whoever is reading this could attain financial freedom as soon as possible. That way, there will be a lot of people who will be willing to help those in need too and we can have a better world to live in.
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