Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Things to Consider When Buying a New Car

Because of the pandemic, we don't want to commute when we want to go somewhere else. We're trying to avoid crowded areas as much as we can. However, because of the war in Ukraine, the gas prices spiked like we never imagined. It's hard for us now because our finances got affected by the recent happenings. One reality is that we definitely need a car to move around. The first question that we have in our mind was, can we afford it?

These are the factors that we're considering right now:

1) Are we going to buy a brand new or a used but at least a five-year-old car?
2) Can we afford the monthly payments after adding up the expense of gas and car maintenance?

As a family, we have always been careful where we put our money into. Even though owning a car will take a toll on it, it's still necessary to have one. Before talking to salespeople, I like knowing the facts and a base computation so I know how to deal with them. Since I already have the prices of the cars I'm looking at, I found an online tool,, that could help me easily compute the monthly car payments depending on the base number. It works even if I live here in Asia. What I like about it is that it has a feature that allowed me to link to a specific calculation with the results already filled in. The link appears below the calculated results when I pressed the calculation button which I was able to print too. There are also other helpful features on that site that could help me calculate my fuel budget, computation how I can save money by changing the method of payments to bi-weekly, and figuring out MPG.

For a family who needs to change a car because the kids got bigger already, but is still hesitant because of the possible budget constraints, this tool is one of the best guides we could have. We need to have facts so every transaction that we do would be smooth and quick. With all the negative things that are happening which lead to high prices of the things that we need for our everyday living, any tips on how we could save would be greatly appreciated, right?

Friday, April 29, 2022

How I Computer Property Loans and Payments Online

For two years, we were stuck at home, afraid to go outside because of the possibility of bringing home the Coronavirus to our kids. This pandemic made us pause a lot of things that we used to do. We can say that it seems like those years have been taken away from our children's childhood. 

I don't want to wait for the pandemic to end and just notice that my kids were grown up already. Finding a home in the suburbs is an idea that has been playing on my mind.  I also recently read an article from Wall Street Journal, which states that those less popular places where there are strong local economies are more ideal now for investment. The article is for the UK market, but it's very relatable to what's happening in the Philippines. The first place that came to my mind was Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna as it gives the provincial life feels with all the nature surrounding the area, but with a little feel of the city with all the businesses and establishments, you can find there. 

That got me thinking of the money we have to allot for a property in that location. Are we ready to own a house and lot there already? It's hard to admit, but I'm not familiar with calculating my payments and loans. It's a good thing that I've discovered this site,, to help me do all those computations. It's a UK-based website, but the math is just the same so I was still able to use it to compute the payments for my targeted properties. What's very helpful about it is that it also has estimating affordability and loan overpayments too. I'm very mindful of each aspect of where my money goes, so these added features are a blessing for me.

With the results that I got from that online calculator, my husband and I saw how feasible that dream place for our family is. We were also able to talk about the factors that we need to address in order to afford it. We're the type of people who need to know the computations and numbers already before talking to a real estate broker and bank personnel.

This is already a great start in making a big move as a family. As long as we're mindful of where we are investing our money, we are one step closer to achieving our dreams.

Friday, March 11, 2022

4 Ways To Reach Your Financial Goals

I've always dreamed of retiring at the age of 45 so that I could spend the rest of my life travelling and doing all the things that makes me happy. I don't plan to work my entire life and I prefer to be assured that my kids won't have the burden of taking care of me when I get old and grumpy. That means that I should have my own house and money to spend for my needs. This is the first way to reach your financial goal which is "Know your why's".

"Know Your Why's" 

It means you should know your reason why you're doing this. You should have goals to keep you determined and enjoy the process. Write them down and visualize your dreams so you could imagine how gratified you would feel once you get them. Be inspired and have the courage to do it. 

Study your budget very well and get out of your debts immediately!

You have to be aware of your expenses so you could manage your monthly income very well. Cut back on the non-essentials. This includes your monthly subscriptions which you're not using anymore. You should also have no debts at all because it will only slow you down. Credit card loans is the main reason why people are stuck to where they are financially. Do you have current loans that you need to strategize so you could finally finish it without hurting your plans to reach your financial goals too much? Click here to learn more.

Star a side hustle.

If you're an employee, it would be best to find other sources of income so you could achieve your goals faster. Diversify your portfolio which means determining what other skills you focus on and be good at. Once you've accumulated that,  you could offer your new services to others during your free time. There are a lot of freelancing websites you could join to find clients needing your services. In this way, you could add more to your savings or even spend an extra to the things that you want without affecting your budget. Since technology is so advanced already, the options are endless if you just know where to look. Equip yourself with knowledge and skills and you'll be amazed by many opportunities will come your way. You could get more ideas about what other gigs you could do here

Save and Invest.

Have a "get wealthy" mindset. As soon as you receive your salary, you should pay yourself first. That means that you have to allocate 10-20% of your income to your savings. You shouldn't touch that money. Build an emergency fund aside from that so you won't affect your savings when something unexpected happens. Budget the rest for your expenses and determine how you could leverage your extra money which you could dedicate to invest regularly. That is the money which you could leave and not care anymore while it's earning for you. There are a lot of resources online, but this is where I get most of my ideas here.
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