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Dali Everyday Grocery: Cheaper than other Grocery Stores

There is a Dali Everyday Grocery branch that is just a few blocks away from where I live. I've been wanting to pay this a visit because people say that they have a lot of cheap and good stuff, plus there are German Brand chocolates there.  We finally decided to check it out. Unfortunately, there was no German chocolate available that day. We just check out the other offerings and I was amazed at my new discovery. They definitely sell affordable stuff. Watch my video so you could see the things I found there.  @iamkimrodz Visited Dali Everyday Grocery for the first time. Sayang wala yung mga hinahanap naming chocolates pero worth it pa din ang punta kasi ang cheaper yung prices ng grocery items dito #fyp #foryoupage #dalieverydaygrocery #masmurasadali #minigrocerystore #minigroceryvlog ♬ original sound - Kim Tan-Rodriguez Follow me on my socials so you'll get updated if I have a  new recipe  or  new food recommendations : IG:  @kimrodz Tiktok:  @iamkimrodz    

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