I would like to greet all the mothers out there a "HAPPY HAPPY MOTHER's DAY!"

I miss my mom soooo much. It's been 3 years since I've last seen her :(

Here's a photo of us when my parents and baby sister left for the US 6 years ago. Errr...I don't like this pic but this is the only one I could find.

Anyways, I called to greet her only to find out that she was confined to the hospital last Friday. Sad but my mom is a very wonderful person that's why I have strong faith that God will always protect her. :) Help me pray for her ok :)

Sorry for the sad news...I know this should be a happy day hehe. I'm just in an emo mode right now.

But tomorrow will surely be a blast coz It'll be the start of my dream. A few days ago, I enrolled on a Beauty Makeup Course at Basement Academy. This is my 2nd goal for 2009 remember? Tomorrow will be the start of the two-week course hehehe. Nikki and I will be classmates too yey!

Bye for now :)


AskMeWhats said…
sis! i feel for you! i hope your mom is fine!!! Keep me posted!!! *hugs*
Soapaholic said…
Sorry to hear about your mom, I'll pray for her and for you too.:)

Congrats on the makeup course! It's always inspiring to see people living their dream!:)
* Jen * said…
Sorry about your mom being in the hospital. I hope she's ok. =)
noone said…
Congrats on the make up class! And I hope your mom will feel better, I will pray for you both <3
Anastacia said…
You're mother beautiful!!!
Kim said…
Thanks girls! I'll keep you posted :)
aquaracer said…
hope your mom gets better soon!! will be praying for your family.

and yay for taking makeup class!! have fun!!

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