Thursday, September 29, 2011

Paul and Joe for October commenter of the month!

I know I haven't been that religious in updating this blog. But to make it up for my subscribers and for the people who constantly visit, I have something very nice for you this month of October!

Paul and Joe is not only known for cute cosmetic packaging. They also produce the most adorable pouches and bag to match! And guess what? They gave me one for my readers! Thanks Paul & Joe. I don't know what happened to the blog contests and DTI issue but to be safe I won't be holding a contest anymore. Instead, this cute little bag with Paul and Joe makeup and skin care sample and vouchers will be owned by one lucky commenter in this blog this October. I'll read all the comments and will be choosing the most rightful owner of these products by the end of the month :)




These Paul and Joe makeup makeover vouchers will be divided to other commenters who are also deserving to have Paul & Joe experience :)

I hope I'll be able to do more posts for you to comment at haha! Good night to y'all!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Attending a wedding look

Last Saturday, I attended a friend's wedding. It's been a while since I've been to this kind of event as a guest and not as a makeup artist so I spent some time doing my own hair and makeup and wore a dress that's been neglected for a while hehe :)




Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer
MAC Studio Finish Foundation NC30
MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Medium
Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer

Stila Liquid Brow Enhancer
Bobbi Brown neutral eyeshadows
Stila Primer Pot
Maybelline Cateyes Mascara
Stila Smudge Pot Black

Bobbi Brown 
MUFE Sculpting Powder

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Lipstick (Top Notch Tulip)
Topped with Fanny Serrano Lipgloss


For my attire: dress from Space (I had it altered somewhere in the mall and I just realized that it's not pantay when I wore it arggh but nevermind!), cover up from Kashieca, Shoes Feretti, animal print bag from CMG


Immaculate Conception Cathedral is a very very beautiful church. I really love this place not just because it has a personal attachment with me (this is where we got married ya' know haha) but it's really beautiful! The renovation is not yet over after YEARS! so it's not yet perfect but the door and the ceiling is now perfect. Oh well....the church is relying merely on donations for the renovations that's why...

How's your Monday?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bond No. 9: Showing the Art of Perfumery

Fragrance is very powerful. It is used to create a good and lasting impression, to set a mood, to gather attention, to express your personal style and many more. Do you know how to wear perfume properly? Are you one of those who save every spray of your perfume and make it last for years? (hihi I'm guilty!) The importance of fragrance and how to make it worth of every dime you spent for it are just few things of what I learned during the Fragrance Masterclass I attended last Monday.


It was conducted by the International Fragrance Expert, Arnaud Marolleau. Above is my proud photo with him. He's very funny and cool! I really enoyed that 1 hour fragrance talk. It was very informative but not the usual boring one. All we did was laugh laugh and laugh. Thank you Arnaud!


See his squirky face?


Most perfume contains 20% perfume oil and 80% alcohol. In the photo above, Arnaud demonstrates the proper way of spraying a perfume. It should be at least 8 cm away.


The Bond No 9 Fragrance line stands out because it guarantees long lasting scent due to its high perfume concentrate content. If the usual fragrances we see on our local department stores contains 20% perfume oil, Bond No. 9 contains 30%. I've tried the testers during the event and the scent is still strong when I was about to sleep that night.

For those who are not familiar with Bond No. 9, each of the fragrance from this line was inspired by the places of New York City: downtown, midtown or uptown locale or a city wide sensibility. Each with the same goal that is to restore the artistry of perfumery: not commercialized but each made with passion, skill and edge.

During the event, Arnaud introduced the 2 new scents of Bond No. 9 NYC


Madison Square Park_Hires_Large

The Madisson Square Park. With just one spray, I instantly smelled the green scent and freshness. For me, it's the perfect perfume for daytime. It'll definitely perk up your morning before facing the day for work.

New York Oud_Hires

New York Oud - As Arnaud said, this is the perfume you'd want to wear when you'll be out on a date. This will make your man remember you and you'll surely get a second date haha!

Watch this video if you wanna see how to wear your perfume properly. The model is Helga of Ditz-Revolution. Arnaud is right, you have to embrace the fragrance in each bottle to get your money's worth.

Check out the very chic packaging of the Bond No. 9 perfumes!



They're also selling these candles which you only need to light for a few minutes to make your entire house smell oh so good. You can use the cap to put off the fire too.

Some of the event photos and product shots.





AstorPlace Hi-Res

Brooklyn HiRes

Bond No. 9 Signature Perfume


Bond No. 9 is available at Rustan's Department Store. Visit the Bond No. 9 website for more information. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

VMV: Healthy makeup and skin care

When I encounter clients who have very sensitive skin and are afraid to wear makeup because of the scare of breakouts, I'd usually recommend VMV Hypoallergenics to them. Why? Because VMV is known for their validated hypoallergenicity and there are published studies to prove that. And when I got the chance to meet the people behind the brand a few weeks ago, I've learned that VMV keeps themselves updated with the new allergens in the market and reformulate their products to maintain their standards. 


They've also launched Skintelligencenter website which we could use as our reference or "skin bible". If you have skin concerns, questions or know the how-to's, search this website as you can never go wrong with it. The contents are very easy to comprehend, legitimate and medically-vetted.


Did you know that all VMV products are packed like origami style. They don't use glue as they believe that it has some ingredients that contain allergens. It just has a sticker to hold the box. Interesting right?


Hypoallegenic Makeup?

The foundation of great makeup is beautiful skin. So if I could find a makeup brand that is hypoallergenic with good quality, I would definitely be an instant fan. I haven't really tried a lot of VMV makeup before. I guess since it has lesser ingredients (I don't know if that's the right term), I wasn't sure it the quality would be the same as the ones I'm using now. But the Pam and Marie from VMV assured us that with VMV, you get a quality product that is safe for your skin.


Currently, I'm trying out their best-selling Armada Sunblock 30, Skin-The-Buff concealer, lip tint, eyeshadow duo and a gloss. Will update you more about these products in my next posts. For the meantime, here's my FOTD last Sunday wearing mostly VMV (I think except the gloss).


I'm liking the Skin-The-Buff concealer a lot. It's very light on the skin, easy to blend, not oily and has medium coverage. It's what I've been using for the past week.

VMV for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For the breast cancer awareness month, you'll get this chic passport holder for every 2 purchases their pink shades. A $1 will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for this.




And oh! I didn't get a nice photo but this is worth mentioning. VMV released their new Skintelligent Brush Set already. If you pass by their store near Rustan's Makati, you'll see this displayed on their window. If you have sensitive skin and are sticking with only hypoallergenic products, this brush set it for you!

Sorry for the short posts lately. I've been busy preparing for another bridal fair in October. Have a nice Tuesday everyone!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Awesome drinks: Xocolat & Happy Lemon

Hi everyone! How's your weekend going? Mine is awesome as I'm spending it with my boys :) And I had an unforgettable day yesterday when I passed by Rustan's and found out that Laura Mercier is having a makeup workshop by the MUA of Shamcey...oh I'm so happy...will tell you more about it within the week.

Food tripping is the best way to spend the entire day for me haha. And we did that a while ago. I tasted two awesome drinks:


Xocolat's Xocolava....very chocolaty! If you love a thick chocolate drink that's not too sweet...this is a must-try!


Happy Lemon's new Deluxe Cocoa with Pudding and Pearl Sago. I really love Happy Lemon! There's something different from their drinks. My hubby thinks it's only a fad and he can't understand why I like it so much....haha. It's addicting!

Looking forward what's gonna happen tomorrow.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Beautiful Springy Curls with Curlformers

I used to hate curling my hair all by myself. It's very difficult and time consuming. But with Curlformers, I get long-lasting beautiful curls quickly and easily.


I like doing it after shampooing my hair at night. I then apply a curl holding product like mousse or wet setting spray before putting on the curlformers. (This is the secret for long-lasting curls!)

I forgot to take photos on how I out these on my hair but there are gazillions of youtube tutorial you can watch! :)

Bouncy, perfectly-shaped curls. This is how my my hair look like after taking off the curlformers.




Don't worry coz the curls will surely loosen up a little after a few minutes. I also like wiggling/shaking my hair a little to make my curls look more natural.

If you don't want to leave these tools on your hair at night, you can air-dry or blow dry your hair instead. Then apply a hairspray to help hold the curls after taking them off.

I bought mine at Quiapo for P250 per set when I was doing some errands for my sister. I don't think I got the original curlformers though but works the same hehe. And I don't think the original curlformers is available here in the Philippines. Try checking Ebay.

Happy Friday everyone!

Monday, September 12, 2011

SAVE THE DATE for VMV's Skin Soiree: 09-15-11

Hi girls! I'm back from the awesome weekend at the bridal fair and I'm bringing you beauty and makeup good news. I'm really hoping my sched this Thursday is free so I could go to VMV's Skin Soiree!

VMV Skin Soiree

It's gonna be held at VMV Skin Research Center in 117 Carlos Palanca Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City.  (near Greenbelt 5). It's pretty exciting because everyone will get a treat! Guests are not only entitled to discounts and gifts from purchases but there'll be a FREE full-sized Ooh-La-Lash! volumizing mascara just by being there :) They're also introducing their Holiday Sets on that day too.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Paul & Joe's Manhattan Autumn 2011 Collection

Last week, I went to Rustan's Makati to take a sneak peek of Paul and Joe's newest collection "The Manhattan Autumn 2011" . There I met Ms. Judith, Paul and Joe Philippines' new Brand Manager who also did my makeup in this photo.

Paul and Joe

Paul and Joe

I had so many P&J makeovers already but I still get giddy everytime. Look at my excited eyes in the photo while Marlon, resident P&J makeup artist, was about to clean my face. I keep hearing that P&J skin care is sooo good and that they're their best seller but I still haven't purchased my own set because I still have so many skin care products in line. They're included in my must-try list though :) During my visit, I got the chance to chat with one of their customers who's been using P&J since 2007. Skin care and makeup...everything she uses is only from the brand and I can tell by how she talked that she's really a fan. And she can be a walking endoresement of P&J because she's really beautiful and her skin....flawless! Just by looking at her, I'm sold!

Enough rambling...I'll introduce to you now Paul & Joe's Manhattan 2011 Autumn collection.

Manhattan - Autumn 2011 is an entertaining, fast paced urban experience that artfully mingles the high-fashion opulence of uptown with an edgy, alternative spirit of downtown.

Take a turn to see where Eastside meets Westside with a vibrant interpretation of color, texture, structure and design.

Discover why this city never sleeps and explore this metropolis of indulgent delights with Paul and Joe Beaute.

There are 3 lipsticks in this collection: 074 Lower East Side (nude), 073 Uptown Girl (peachy pink) and 072 Soho (slightly red). The package print is selected from the on time fashion fabric print of 2011 AW Paul and Joe Collection.



072 SoHo

3 eyecolors: Inspired from the streets of Manhattan, a place that Sophie Albou loves so much. Different blocks, different colors, Manhattan is the last place where you can get bored.

Each has two shades that can be used alone or mixed together.


Brooklyn Bridge - a romantic pink and red copper


Empire state - pearl yellow and dark grey

073 42nd STREET

42nd street - midnight blue and neon pink

What I found most interesting from this collection are these three color palettes - P2,650 each. The colors and the packaging are inspired by Art Deco. All have shades which you can use for daytime makeup and transform it to night makeup. All have a blush and liner shade as well. 

00158th & 5th

58th and 5th


Central Park West


Chelsea - This is the palette that Judith used during my makeover. I like purple smoky eyes so this palette is a winner for me! Colors are chic, feminine and alluring.

They also released more foundation shades and a highlighter.

If you want to see and try these babies in person, check out the photo below for the schedule so you could have a one-on-one makeup session at Paul & Joe as well.

paul and joe makeup workshop

Share your own Paul & Joe experience ok? Happy weekend!