Tuesday, September 20, 2011

VMV: Healthy makeup and skin care

When I encounter clients who have very sensitive skin and are afraid to wear makeup because of the scare of breakouts, I'd usually recommend VMV Hypoallergenics to them. Why? Because VMV is known for their validated hypoallergenicity and there are published studies to prove that. And when I got the chance to meet the people behind the brand a few weeks ago, I've learned that VMV keeps themselves updated with the new allergens in the market and reformulate their products to maintain their standards. 


They've also launched Skintelligencenter website which we could use as our reference or "skin bible". If you have skin concerns, questions or know the how-to's, search this website as you can never go wrong with it. The contents are very easy to comprehend, legitimate and medically-vetted.


Did you know that all VMV products are packed like origami style. They don't use glue as they believe that it has some ingredients that contain allergens. It just has a sticker to hold the box. Interesting right?


Hypoallegenic Makeup?

The foundation of great makeup is beautiful skin. So if I could find a makeup brand that is hypoallergenic with good quality, I would definitely be an instant fan. I haven't really tried a lot of VMV makeup before. I guess since it has lesser ingredients (I don't know if that's the right term), I wasn't sure it the quality would be the same as the ones I'm using now. But the Pam and Marie from VMV assured us that with VMV, you get a quality product that is safe for your skin.


Currently, I'm trying out their best-selling Armada Sunblock 30, Skin-The-Buff concealer, lip tint, eyeshadow duo and a gloss. Will update you more about these products in my next posts. For the meantime, here's my FOTD last Sunday wearing mostly VMV (I think except the gloss).


I'm liking the Skin-The-Buff concealer a lot. It's very light on the skin, easy to blend, not oily and has medium coverage. It's what I've been using for the past week.

VMV for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For the breast cancer awareness month, you'll get this chic passport holder for every 2 purchases their pink shades. A $1 will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for this.




And oh! I didn't get a nice photo but this is worth mentioning. VMV released their new Skintelligent Brush Set already. If you pass by their store near Rustan's Makati, you'll see this displayed on their window. If you have sensitive skin and are sticking with only hypoallergenic products, this brush set it for you!

Sorry for the short posts lately. I've been busy preparing for another bridal fair in October. Have a nice Tuesday everyone!


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