Friday, September 23, 2011

Bond No. 9: Showing the Art of Perfumery

Fragrance is very powerful. It is used to create a good and lasting impression, to set a mood, to gather attention, to express your personal style and many more. Do you know how to wear perfume properly? Are you one of those who save every spray of your perfume and make it last for years? (hihi I'm guilty!) The importance of fragrance and how to make it worth of every dime you spent for it are just few things of what I learned during the Fragrance Masterclass I attended last Monday.


It was conducted by the International Fragrance Expert, Arnaud Marolleau. Above is my proud photo with him. He's very funny and cool! I really enoyed that 1 hour fragrance talk. It was very informative but not the usual boring one. All we did was laugh laugh and laugh. Thank you Arnaud!


See his squirky face?


Most perfume contains 20% perfume oil and 80% alcohol. In the photo above, Arnaud demonstrates the proper way of spraying a perfume. It should be at least 8 cm away.


The Bond No 9 Fragrance line stands out because it guarantees long lasting scent due to its high perfume concentrate content. If the usual fragrances we see on our local department stores contains 20% perfume oil, Bond No. 9 contains 30%. I've tried the testers during the event and the scent is still strong when I was about to sleep that night.

For those who are not familiar with Bond No. 9, each of the fragrance from this line was inspired by the places of New York City: downtown, midtown or uptown locale or a city wide sensibility. Each with the same goal that is to restore the artistry of perfumery: not commercialized but each made with passion, skill and edge.

During the event, Arnaud introduced the 2 new scents of Bond No. 9 NYC


Madison Square Park_Hires_Large

The Madisson Square Park. With just one spray, I instantly smelled the green scent and freshness. For me, it's the perfect perfume for daytime. It'll definitely perk up your morning before facing the day for work.

New York Oud_Hires

New York Oud - As Arnaud said, this is the perfume you'd want to wear when you'll be out on a date. This will make your man remember you and you'll surely get a second date haha!

Watch this video if you wanna see how to wear your perfume properly. The model is Helga of Ditz-Revolution. Arnaud is right, you have to embrace the fragrance in each bottle to get your money's worth.

Check out the very chic packaging of the Bond No. 9 perfumes!



They're also selling these candles which you only need to light for a few minutes to make your entire house smell oh so good. You can use the cap to put off the fire too.

Some of the event photos and product shots.





AstorPlace Hi-Res

Brooklyn HiRes

Bond No. 9 Signature Perfume


Bond No. 9 is available at Rustan's Department Store. Visit the Bond No. 9 website for more information. 


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