Thursday, September 29, 2011

Paul and Joe for October commenter of the month!

I know I haven't been that religious in updating this blog. But to make it up for my subscribers and for the people who constantly visit, I have something very nice for you this month of October!

Paul and Joe is not only known for cute cosmetic packaging. They also produce the most adorable pouches and bag to match! And guess what? They gave me one for my readers! Thanks Paul & Joe. I don't know what happened to the blog contests and DTI issue but to be safe I won't be holding a contest anymore. Instead, this cute little bag with Paul and Joe makeup and skin care sample and vouchers will be owned by one lucky commenter in this blog this October. I'll read all the comments and will be choosing the most rightful owner of these products by the end of the month :)




These Paul and Joe makeup makeover vouchers will be divided to other commenters who are also deserving to have Paul & Joe experience :)

I hope I'll be able to do more posts for you to comment at haha! Good night to y'all!


beautylilsecrets said...

yay, super like! :D

gotluggage said...

I like that the bag looks nice. Hope to win this =)

MrsMartinez | said...


Very nice prize! I want to join haha


Issa said...

this is very nice! hope to win this! :)

nejie28 said...

Hi there Kim! This is Neren, a B2b and a W@Wie. =)

It's just now that I had the chance to check your blog site, and so far, so good! I really enjoy reading your posts. I find it very informative, and guess what, I already subscribed! =) It adds more pa, that you have this kind of interactive way to reach out to your subscribers. =)

Btw, may I know when are you enlisted on the next bridal fair this year? *wink

Best regards,