Friday, September 16, 2011

Beautiful Springy Curls with Curlformers

I used to hate curling my hair all by myself. It's very difficult and time consuming. But with Curlformers, I get long-lasting beautiful curls quickly and easily.


I like doing it after shampooing my hair at night. I then apply a curl holding product like mousse or wet setting spray before putting on the curlformers. (This is the secret for long-lasting curls!)

I forgot to take photos on how I out these on my hair but there are gazillions of youtube tutorial you can watch! :)

Bouncy, perfectly-shaped curls. This is how my my hair look like after taking off the curlformers.




Don't worry coz the curls will surely loosen up a little after a few minutes. I also like wiggling/shaking my hair a little to make my curls look more natural.

If you don't want to leave these tools on your hair at night, you can air-dry or blow dry your hair instead. Then apply a hairspray to help hold the curls after taking them off.

I bought mine at Quiapo for P250 per set when I was doing some errands for my sister. I don't think I got the original curlformers though but works the same hehe. And I don't think the original curlformers is available here in the Philippines. Try checking Ebay.

Happy Friday everyone!


AskMeWhats said...

ang cute naman ng curls! kakaiba..parang Goldilocks lang :)

iiLynii said...


may i know what product did u put in your hair before putting the curlformers? just bought mine yesterday.

Indian hair and makeup said...

i love your blog so much and you look absolutely gorgeous in all your pictures! please do another blog post soon!

Anonymous said...

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