Monday, May 11, 2009

Friday dinner at Teriyaki Boy

Happy Monday dear bloggers!

Yesterday was a very hectic but gaeity day for us. Lots of celebration, food and chitchat. Pau's family had a reunion, a gathering for all the moms in their clan. Big families are cool! :)

Today, I want to share with you what my officemates and I had last Friday. Rhea, our ex-officebuddy invited us for dinner and requested her nearest fav resto "Teriyaki Boy". - Combining the warmth of the east and the efficiency of the west, Teriyaki Boy is the first fast-casual Japanese dining restaurant in the Philippines. We take pride in serving traditional home-cooked Japanese meals at fast-food speed and reasonable prices.

What we had: (pics at Teriyaki Boy Frontera Verde Branch)


Ika Fry - fried squid rings. Best eaten with the sauce.


Agedashi Tofu - Deep-fried silken tofu, served with a light soy broth, topped with grated ginger-daikon and bonito flakes. P95. If you like tofu, this is a must try. An appetizing high quality tofu with a light, aromatic sauce! Thumbs up :)


Ebi Tempura Ramen - Fresh tiger prawns, battered and deep-fried, topped on your choice of noodle and soup base. P175.....My first time to try this. I never thought ebi tempura would really taste good as a ramen :) Liked it


Pork Katsudon - I don't eat pork that much so I didn't try this one :)


Ebi Tempura - Fresh tiger prawns, battered and deep-fried until crispy. 3 pcs - P170
6 pcs - P260. My fave of all Japanese dishes!


Teriyaki Boy Chicken - grilled chicken, with sweet and savoury teriyaki sauce, topped on steamed Japanese rice. P195. - This is their best seller.


IT solutions and delivery team - afternoon shifters =P. Someone commented about my eye bags that day so I guess I exaggerated my concealer a bit. Yaiyks, I can totally see it on this pic.


Gemma and I


Ty and Rhea

My take: Teriyaki Boy is not your typical, everyday food because it's a bit pricey (for me). But price is very competitive compared to other Japanese restos here in Manila. It's also the one that I kept coming back because of the taste and quality of their food. Frontera Verde branch - I like that it's not too crowded plus service and staff are ok. Had a good experience :)

Do you like Japanese food too? What's the best you've tried?

Teriyaki Boy
You can visit their website at


Tiff said...

Goodness, that Teriyaki Chicken looks so good! There aren't any Japanese restaurants around me unfortunately :(.

AskMeWhats said...

Yum! i am super hungry now!!! its almost lunch time!!!!

Anastacia said...

So yummy pix 'n stuff! I want eat!

Tasha said...

Hm I used to really love Teriyaki Boy until I started to eat there everyday when the branch near our school opened. XD

Other Japanese restaurants I really like are Haiku, Sugi, Yurakuen. Sumosam also has pretty good fried tofu and for sushi I go to Omakase. :)

* Jen * said...

I love tofu!!!

Kim, you just made my mouth water. =D

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

seriously, u made me me hungry! yummy foods! :DD

Tara Cabullo said...

YUM! But let me just say that you look extra pretty in that photo with your friend Gemma :D

fuzkittie said...

Yum!! Omg, I love agedashi tofu!!! >.<

noone said...

omgggg they look soooo good I wish there are places like that here in Ottawa. I've been so asian food deprived it's rediculous! There isn't even ramen places here! Sigh

Kim said...

@tiff - sigh...japanese food is good! you should really try it when you go to other places :)

@anastacia, @nikki, @nehs, @madblusher..waahhh sorry! hehe. just loved the food we had :) I'm not familiar with the restos you mentioned. Thanks! Now I have new to research and try :)

@teeyah...weeehh thanks! Naconscious ako that day coz someone told me I had bad eye bags.

@fuz - yeah it was so good. That was my first time to try that :)

@Pop Champagne - you should visit the Philippines'll love the food here :)

aquaracer said...

you always tease me with these food porn! hahaha! *drooling*

i love T-boy! now nostalgic na naman ako. hehe =P

Sarah said...

Ooooh you are making me soooo hungry!Lunch was a long time ago!!! Gorgeous photos :D

✿Ji✿ said...

I am HUNGRY!!!!xD
I can´t stop drooling over your food pictures!;)

Beauty Savvy said...


I ate at Teriyaki Boy with a couple of cousins of mine when I last visited PH and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

The food was soooo good -- especially for a "fast food" place.

And your photos are making me hungrayy!

Best from Toronto, Canada

Kim said...

@Sarah, @Ji - haha sorry...but don't love looking at yummy food pics? =D

@Beauty Savvy - Thanks for visiting my blog. Another Filipina blogger yey :) Yup the food there is really good.

sab said...

yummy food post! sumosam has been a favorite, but the one in powerplant closed because of a fire. :(