Sunday, November 30, 2008

Suesh workshop

It's Sunday 12:06am and I'm here in the ofc sad =(. Anyways...I'm already testing my program and waiting for the result so I decided to browse a little teeheeee....and blog =P

Saturday was a happy day for me. I attended the first batch of Suesh workshop at Chef's Bistro in Tomas Morato. It was conducted by Suz Tan, the head of Kanebo cosmetics. The suesh sisters were really nice.

I also met nice and lovely ladies =) Hope to get in touch with them soon. Here's our pic (I just grabbed it from their site). I wasn't able to take pics =( That's me circled in yellow hahaha

I got the package with 16s brush set (P2500 approx $52). It's really affordable right? I used it in the workshop already coz I was in a hurry that morning and I forgot my brushes at home which I even cleaned the night before ammphh. Totally love their brushes. Initial's really comparable to the high end brushes (compared it with my mac personal brushes). I should have gotten the 28set but I have no more money =(.

I spent 3500 on the workshop with the brushes already. The workshop with lunch included is really really worth it. I must mention that the food served at Chef's Bistro was really good too.

I also got the stippling brush coz they sold their products at 10% off=D hihi. Lastly, they gave us magazine giveaways...will post the pics as soon as I get home...ciao

Saturday, November 22, 2008

HedgeZero's gig @ 6UG

Last night, I went to 6UG at Pearl Drive to watch Hedge Zero play their music (my Pau is the guitarist). It was tiring but fun. I wasn't able to watch the first band coz I left the ofc around 10 pm na.

The 2nd band's name is Pitik. Their kinda noisy for me shhhh....I'm just not really into that type of music. But Pau said they're good.

Next is Hedge Zero woootwooot!!! Of course I'm a fan haha. L-R: Ongek, Noel, AJ, and Pau. Poor Mike (the drummer)..he's not on the pics most of the time =P.

They sang "Dolphins' Cry" of my favorite songs of Live. The friends of Mike's brother from Fitness First requested it.

And here's my guitar boy. Just love watching him play haha.

I-Ray, the last band who played last night. They're Hedge Zero's brother band. Thanks to Dean(I-Ray's manager) for always inviting Hedge.

Their music is more of regae type. Love them! Plus the vocalist is so cool and energetic on stage!

With Belen =)

And of course...a pic with my paupee =D

Monday, November 17, 2008

makeup lesson part 1 with Jaz Mendiola and another lazy day

Yesterday, I had my first 1 on 1 makeup lesson with Jaz Mendiola ( She's a good friend of my bf's sister. Don't have pictures yet coz we focused more on theories. We'll be having the actual makeup tutorial next Sunday =D yey. I actually learned a "don't let what other people say influence you" haha. I was so ashamed because I'm like that actually :~(. Now I promise myself not to buy things I don't really need (hopefully!).

Today..I got so lazy again. Back to work after the training and workshops teehee =D.

Jaz told me that I should only take 10 mins to do my daily makeup...but I failed waaahaha. I wanted so much to use the trio I bought from P&J. I've been using it for 3 days now trying diff ways on how to apply it.

I combined the blue and light pink in this palette which made it purplish.

I think blue doesn't look good me. It makes my eyes even smaller =( Or I'm just in a hurry a while ago because I volunteered to drive my bf and his mom to the hosp for his checkup. Am I just trying to find an excuse? Oh well...I'm just lazy today.

Here's a pic of "us" while waiting for his mom =D

and me =D trying to look like a rockstar but really can't hahaha...weeehh =P

Here I used the blue on the lids then the darker pink on the top of the crease. I fell in love with this look when I saw xteener and jinahche's tutorial but I still gotta practice.

Now I need to get back to work....Ciao!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Paul and Joe loots + workshop + I won the raffle yey!

Because of the training I attended...I finally had time to check out some of the products I've been wanting to try for the longest time. I first just want to check out the MAC store in Glorietta then I remembered reading good reviews from of Paul and Joe products which currently has it's only branch in Rustan's so I looked for their store. I met Von, one of their Senior MMUAs, who introduced me to almost all of their coolest products.

I must mention that he was really really really nice and accomodating. He even gave me a makeover...too bad I wasn't able to take pictures. He also invited me to a free workshop about "Highlighting the face" held just a while ago =D by Cherry Pacheco. There was a surprise raffle for those who attended and I won this cute jewelry box! yey...I was so lucky today

This is the giveaway for the workshop (a pouch with free samples inside). Very pretty!

Now for my loots....

blue and hot pink combo is just my when I saw this trio i knew I must buy it. This is a limited edition and the last piece..It was really meant for me =D

The e/s trio, lipstick, eye primer, eye gloss and brow pencil

compact, liquid eye liner, eye pencil & e/s

When I tried their products, I immediately got hooked. An instant fan of their eyeshadows which is cream based? then turns to a powder when applied. Geez...I really love technology! Plus their packaging, the luminous effect of their primer. I've just been using them for a couple of days...I'll surely write about these loots soon.

This is what I learned from the highlighting workshop =D. As Von said, I'm now a Paul and Joe girl =P


This is the reason why I'm MIA for the past three days =). I somehow enjoyed the training with free food and the fact that I don't have to spend anything for the entire day plus I get to see Glorietta and Greenbelt again. I just don't really like going to Makati during weekdays because of the traffic. Now I appreciate my current work schedule even more...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My life's boring these past few days haha. Nothing new is happening...My bf just got off the hospital and he's still slowly recovering. I spent my entire weekend there. but no regrets =D haha.

I'm sooo lazy this morning. I wasn't even able to fix my hair uurrrgghh. I really need to shop to feel better!!! But I gotta control myself until the next payday or else ??%^&&%*&^&.

My makeup today is just the usual "neutral". At least I tried to use a color from my 78 CS palette which I haven't tried before.

I've circled the colors I've used:

Picture again =D

seee...really bad hair day

Urrrgghhh....the CG Lash Exact mascara didn't hold the curls of my lashes sigh =(

If someone's reading this...I'm open for suggestions or comments =D

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Good and Bad news

Sad News

Pau got confined at Medical City last night sigh =( I was with him from 6am to 3pm today and I still have to work til midnight..=(=(

Good News

My friend pmd me a while ago and was asking me if I can already do make up on others. She asked me if I want to do the makeup of the models for their "Fashion Week" themed Christmas party. I'm really excited but scared a bit coz this will be my "first". They'll have approx 20 models wwwwhhhhoooowwww!. I seriously need a pro with me haha and I need to practice as in RIGHT NOW!!! =D exagg =P Good thing, I'll be attending some workshops this November. Do I still have time??? God bless me please!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Using my FaceShop neutral duo and etc....

I bought this FaceShop jewel effect duo 06 (natural story) I think two months ago??? and I've used this for several times already so I think it's time to post some pics of how it looks on me haha. Sorry I like taking pictures (of me =P) ever since I've become addicted to makeup.

I think this duo is ok. Of course it would be unfair to compare this to the high-end e/s. But in my opinion, this is ok for everyday makeup. It doesn't have too much shimmers, easly to blend and it really lasts (I use it with Artdeco e/s base). I should really not forget to take pics later so I could note it's staying power.

I've had this Elianto brush for months now and I honestly don't know what it's used for. I've used this on applying e/s on my crease but it just doesn't work for me.

Now I've found it's perfect use! =D I used it to apply my Loreal hip liner on my upper lashlines and it really works for me! In my opinion, it's even better than my MAC liner brush. =D

I can now create a straight line on my upper last lines! Yey...see??? I'm just proud harhar..

Time for camwhoring =D

Here's what I used:


Tea Tree Day Moisturizer by Body Shop
The Face Shop foundation primer
Ellana mineral foundation (forgot the shade)
Ocean Mist Lightly Tinted Finish
Maybelline concealer
Artdeco bronzing powder

The Face shop jewel effect duo 06 (natural story)
Coastal scents 78 palette (I used the light brown on the crease and light beige for the highlight)Loreal hip cream eyeliner (dark brown)
Maybelline lengthening mascara topped with volumizing mascara (need this coz I really have short and thin lashes)
Loreal neutral quad (dark brown for my brows topped with MAC girl boy brow gel)

The darkest pink on the blush on the Coastal scents 78 palette

Fanny Serrano natural lip liner
Fanny Serrano lipstick palette

I was trying on a dark blue and hot pink look last night but my camera ran out of battery so I was just able to take one shot arrrgghhh...

I didn't like it....need more practice =D ciao!


I know I shouldn't feel this way...but I can't help it. It's just how I am. 1 year of wedding preparation and so many things happened. so sad...about my mom. so sad...that my parents and siblings might not be able to attend my wedding. so sad..that I'm the only one left here. so sad....that everything's set for our prenup then pau suddenly got sick and we have to cancel all our appoinments. I'm just sad period!

Monday, November 3, 2008


I didn't have a grand holiday sign =(. Pau got sick and his temp was so high that we had to rush him to the hospital last night. Good thing he wasn't confined.

...Due to lack of sleep....I'm not in the mood to work waaahhh. So I'll just update my blog haha.

I've been practicing a light, conservative office makeup. Here's the first "decent" one that I have courage to post. I'm learning day by day weee =D

Here's my pink and brown EOTD:

Here's what I used:

Clinique antiblemish moisturizer
Ocean Mist Linen Foundation
The Face Shop Face Mist
MAC mineralized finish in Medium
Artdeco Bronzing powder

Artdeco e/s base
Coastal Scents 78 palette
Cover Girl Lash blast
Loreal neutral quad (used the darkest for my brows topped with MAC girl boy brow gel) I learned this from Project Beauty =D

Coastal Scents 78 palette

Lips:Maybelline UltraShine lipstick

It was Bert's (our Java god) last day last Friday. He invited us for dinner at Buma (Tiendesitas). Hmmm seafoods yummy...Our boss Damian also ordered some pizza after that as his treat for "a successful project"??? i dunno...but I wasn't able to wait for that coz I'm already sooo bloated.

Me and Carol

My food haha

Steamed fish

Buttered Shrimp and Chopsuey

Some of our holloween decorations...Wasn't able to take pixies of our team's design but we won 4th place =D

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My first attempt to do smokey eyes

I was afraid to do smokey eyes coz I thought I wouldn't look good on someone like me who has "small eyes" haha...but I really liked the way it turned out. I'm luvin it yeah! =D

Here's the list of what I used:


Skin Food tinted moisturizer
Oceanmist Linen Foundation
Oceanmist Lightly Tinted Finish

eyes and cheeks:

Coastal Scents 78s palette
Artdeco Bronzing compact


Maybelline Ultrashine lipstick
Nivea lipshine