Friday, November 14, 2008

Paul and Joe loots + workshop + I won the raffle yey!

Because of the training I attended...I finally had time to check out some of the products I've been wanting to try for the longest time. I first just want to check out the MAC store in Glorietta then I remembered reading good reviews from of Paul and Joe products which currently has it's only branch in Rustan's so I looked for their store. I met Von, one of their Senior MMUAs, who introduced me to almost all of their coolest products.

I must mention that he was really really really nice and accomodating. He even gave me a makeover...too bad I wasn't able to take pictures. He also invited me to a free workshop about "Highlighting the face" held just a while ago =D by Cherry Pacheco. There was a surprise raffle for those who attended and I won this cute jewelry box! yey...I was so lucky today

This is the giveaway for the workshop (a pouch with free samples inside). Very pretty!

Now for my loots....

blue and hot pink combo is just my when I saw this trio i knew I must buy it. This is a limited edition and the last piece..It was really meant for me =D

The e/s trio, lipstick, eye primer, eye gloss and brow pencil

compact, liquid eye liner, eye pencil & e/s

When I tried their products, I immediately got hooked. An instant fan of their eyeshadows which is cream based? then turns to a powder when applied. Geez...I really love technology! Plus their packaging, the luminous effect of their primer. I've just been using them for a couple of days...I'll surely write about these loots soon.

This is what I learned from the highlighting workshop =D. As Von said, I'm now a Paul and Joe girl =P


FuN and MakeUp said...

aww so cute n innnocent...

Liz said...

you look radiant.

and oh, i want that jewelry box! :-) you're lucky indeed.

*KiM* said...

Thanks! =D I love the jewelry's so girlie hehe

sab said...

you bought a lot of p&j stuff!! :) lucky! sana you went for the trolley na rin. :)