Monday, November 17, 2008

makeup lesson part 1 with Jaz Mendiola and another lazy day

Yesterday, I had my first 1 on 1 makeup lesson with Jaz Mendiola ( She's a good friend of my bf's sister. Don't have pictures yet coz we focused more on theories. We'll be having the actual makeup tutorial next Sunday =D yey. I actually learned a "don't let what other people say influence you" haha. I was so ashamed because I'm like that actually :~(. Now I promise myself not to buy things I don't really need (hopefully!).

Today..I got so lazy again. Back to work after the training and workshops teehee =D.

Jaz told me that I should only take 10 mins to do my daily makeup...but I failed waaahaha. I wanted so much to use the trio I bought from P&J. I've been using it for 3 days now trying diff ways on how to apply it.

I combined the blue and light pink in this palette which made it purplish.

I think blue doesn't look good me. It makes my eyes even smaller =( Or I'm just in a hurry a while ago because I volunteered to drive my bf and his mom to the hosp for his checkup. Am I just trying to find an excuse? Oh well...I'm just lazy today.

Here's a pic of "us" while waiting for his mom =D

and me =D trying to look like a rockstar but really can't hahaha...weeehh =P

Here I used the blue on the lids then the darker pink on the top of the crease. I fell in love with this look when I saw xteener and jinahche's tutorial but I still gotta practice.

Now I need to get back to work....Ciao!


FuN and MakeUp said...

how cute.. n look at ur kissy face! hehehe =P

jamie said...

10 mins for makeup..noo!! haha..:D it takes me a minimum of 30mins to do my daily makeup..and still no eyeshadow application..oh boy!:D

*KiM* said...

waaahhh... me too. I was wearing a light(for me) make up that day but she said it's too much for a daily makeup hahaha.

FuN and MakeUp said... so i can invite u to my blog please link me u blog as wel