Saturday, November 22, 2008

HedgeZero's gig @ 6UG

Last night, I went to 6UG at Pearl Drive to watch Hedge Zero play their music (my Pau is the guitarist). It was tiring but fun. I wasn't able to watch the first band coz I left the ofc around 10 pm na.

The 2nd band's name is Pitik. Their kinda noisy for me shhhh....I'm just not really into that type of music. But Pau said they're good.

Next is Hedge Zero woootwooot!!! Of course I'm a fan haha. L-R: Ongek, Noel, AJ, and Pau. Poor Mike (the drummer)..he's not on the pics most of the time =P.

They sang "Dolphins' Cry" of my favorite songs of Live. The friends of Mike's brother from Fitness First requested it.

And here's my guitar boy. Just love watching him play haha.

I-Ray, the last band who played last night. They're Hedge Zero's brother band. Thanks to Dean(I-Ray's manager) for always inviting Hedge.

Their music is more of regae type. Love them! Plus the vocalist is so cool and energetic on stage!

With Belen =)

And of course...a pic with my paupee =D


sab said...

awww! so sweet! i love watching gigs too!

gaijinph said...

hehehehe...olweys so lovey dovey