Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My life's boring these past few days haha. Nothing new is happening...My bf just got off the hospital and he's still slowly recovering. I spent my entire weekend there. but no regrets =D haha.

I'm sooo lazy this morning. I wasn't even able to fix my hair uurrrgghh. I really need to shop to feel better!!! But I gotta control myself until the next payday or else ??%^&&%*&^&.

My makeup today is just the usual "neutral". At least I tried to use a color from my 78 CS palette which I haven't tried before.

I've circled the colors I've used:

Picture again =D

seee...really bad hair day

Urrrgghhh....the CG Lash Exact mascara didn't hold the curls of my lashes sigh =(

If someone's reading this...I'm open for suggestions or comments =D