Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Frabelle Christmas Hams

It has been a family tradition that all our close relatives from my mom's side celebrate Christmas at my Tito's house in Antipolo. It's only a day to catch up and have fun but it's usually a very memorable one. Here's a photo of my relatives during our Christmas celebration. We weren't on the photo because we left mid afternoon for another party with my hubby's relatives.


The past two years I brought Red ribbon cakes for our potluck. But this time I wanted to taste a different brand of ham, Frabelle (which I got before Christmas). So I cooked this whole Premium Honey-glazed ham before we went there.


The thought of eating christmas hams again is one thing I'm most excited about during holidays. It's one of my favorite kind of food. And to be honest, I've been loyal to a certain brand of ham ever since I was little. I like it when cooked with sugar. But when I tasted Frabelle....oh men it's better! promise! And this is what I'll be buying next December.

Honey Glazed Ham - packshot

And I think these are the reason why Frabelle is better: 1) It's naturally smoked using natural woodchips. so you could really taste the smokiness all the way inside. 2) It's caramelized with sugar and pure honey so no need to cook it with sugar. I like the taste as it is. 3) They use prime whole-muscle ham. Malaman! I don't eat taba so this is what I really like about this ham aside from the taste. 

This premium glazed retails P480 per 1 kg.

Pear Shaped Ham - packshot sample rendering

Also available in Premium Pear Shaped ham P199 for every 750 kg.

I think I still saw this during my last trip to the grocery so hurry! you can still try it. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Will I Fit into my Wedding Dress Again? Let's see.....

Have you grabbed the January issue of Good Housekeeping already? The very stunning Gi Tongi-Walters is in the cover. To be honest, even if I am not on the issue, I would really buy it because the topics are very interesting and perfect for the after holidays esp for people who are having difficulty with weight management like me.


And as I've said, you'll find me in it! Haha....yes I've accepted their challenge to be able to fit into my wedding dress again after 5 months. When I first heard of the challenge, I told myself "It's impossible!". But my mom-in-law, hubby, tita and sister-in-law encouraged me and told me it's attainable. I was 138 lbs that time and as far as I can remember I was 115-118 lbs when I got married. I hesitated at first because I don't want to broadcast to the world that I am fat. But for years I've been really frustrated with how I became after having a baby. My being overweight affected my self-confidence and it kinda hurts when people laugh at you and say "ang taba taba mo ngayon! anong nangyari sa yo? hahaha"  Yes some people can be insensitive to that extent sometimes and I try not to mind but still affects me somehow. I tried dieting and lose a little weight but the fats come back once I cheat. I realized I really need help and guidance in order to lose weight and be healthy again for myself and my family. And so I said yes to the GH Wedding Dress Challenge.


This is how I look when I got married. Oh how I miss that body! haha 

Paulo-Kim-3379-01-31-2009- (1)

After  a few months I managed to maintain my weight. This was during the Maybelline "Be Stunning for a Steal" event.


With fellow makeup artists Muriel and Joy. I was 5 weeks pregnant here.


When I was pregnant, I was very mindful of what I eat. So I didn't gain a lot. This was when I was 9 months preggy.


And after the baby came, I ate all the food that I didn't eat during pregnancy. Most food that I eat were from fast foods and take outs because I was busy taking care of him. I was also breastfeeding that time and I thought it's ok to eat because I would burn the calories fast but it really depends on what you eat.  So here's what I became after a few months. I still look pregnant in this photo.


And I think this is the fattest I got. This was during one of my hairstyling gigs for Nikki. I think I was 145 lbs. here.


But before the challenge, I was already watching my food intake so when it started I was 136 lbs. Yes my target weight is attainable if I am going to lose 2 lbs a week. It's very difficult but I am working really really hard. And with the help of Good Housekeeping and Fitness First, I know and I believe I can do it!


And here's my current photo during the bridal fair last week. My hard work is slowly paying off. I am now 128 lbs and I feel better. Grab a copy of the next Good Housekeeping issues to get updates on the progress of the GH Wedding Dress Challengers. I'll blog about it when the issue comes out :) Pray for me guys!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thank you!

Hi everyone! Sorry I seemed too lazy these past days. I was busy preparing for the Weddings and Beyond bridal fair that happened last week and then I got sick. I was lying in bed for the past 3 days but I'm a bit ok now :)

I just want to thank everyone who tried my makeup services during the fair and those who trusted me to be their wedding makeup artist. Thank you to my hubby and his cousin Candy for helping me with the flyers and setting up my booth. And of course, thank you God for all the blessings! I am living my dream and it gives me so much happiness.


See you guys on the next wedding fair at SM Megatrade Hall 1-3 on Feb 15, 16 and 17 :) For inquiries, visit my makeup portfolio

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Truth Seeker: Papulex for Acne Problem

Hello everyone! This my last article for the campaign "The Truth Seeker". The past weeks, I've talked about some of the skin care problems I've encountered on the past and how I dealt with them. I also talked about the different skin solutions legit or not just to cure my skin problems. Sometimes, people are just too desperate and want fast solutions that they try anything without knowing if it's good or bad for our health. To sum it all, if only I was educated properly and was guided to the right people like the dermatologist during those problem days, I might not have suffered for years dealing with those pimples. If only I was able to find the cure at once, who knows? I might have been active during the highschool years instead of being the shy and quiet girl that they've known. Things would have been different right?

But that's the past, lucky girls in this generation have every resources in the world. With proper diet, exercise, the right skin care products to use and right people to consult, there's no reason to have a huge skin problem.

I received a product last November named Papulex which are dermatologically tested and made specifically for acne prone skin. I am now blessed with very little problem on my skin so I asked someone to try it out for me and provide the feedbacks.


A cousin's cousin who's a college student has been suffering acne for years. She's having a hard time curing her acne due to lack of resources and lack of sleep (college students surely can relate). Before using the treatment, she was asked to go to a dermatologist for an initial consultation and advice on the things she need to do to treat her acne. She's been using Papulex for two weeks now and here's her before and after photos. Her feedback about the products: She likes the clean and soft feeling of her skin after using them, Didn't cause any allegies or aggravate the problem. Some of her acne dried out and after two weeks of usage, improvement is already visible.


In curing acne, just be patient with the results, diligent on your regimen and practice self-discipline with regard to foods and exercise. Always be happy, positive and have faith that you'll soon be acne-free if you do the right things.

New Year Post

Hello everyone! Sorry for being MIA for a few weeks. December has been really crazy for me as I am almost out everyday for wedding makeup gigs and events. During the few days that I'm free, I take time to rest and give my family some tlc. 

I'll show you thru photos to update you on the things that are so overdue for this blog


Photo by Earth Rullan. Read her event coverage here.

I am proud to be one of the models who walked the ramp for Ferretti last November and helped Philippines break the GuinnessWorld Record's Most Number of People on Catwalk. It was a very unforgettable experience for me because I never thought I would ever walk a catwalk and the most fun about it is that I was with fellow beauty bloggers and it was the first time for most of us.


This is my only decent photo before the event. Thanks to pretty Say Artillero for this! I left all my things in the car including my camera as I was afraid there's no one there to hold our things while we were walking the ramp.


This is the pair of shoes that I wore for the fashion show. Liz Lanuzo chose it for me. I think Liz has a talent at styling people as this pair is very me. I like my shoes to be dainty and very walkable. The heels are only 2 inches so I lasted the hours of waiting and the show itself without feeling any pain.

And of course, Ferretti gave us some perks for modelling for them. I got 2 pairs and a bag. Don't have a photo yet of the bag sorry but it's very nice! If you are a follower of Ferretti's Likepage, you might have seen the photo of celebrity Janeena Chan toting it.


For the shoes, I chose flats as I already have high shoes for events and special occasions. Flats are for my makeup gigs. This pink pair with bow is so cute and girly!


This open toe black shoes too!

I'll also show you some of my hair and makeup works this December. You'll see more of my works at I try to keep it updated all the time.

74508_311864742253270_504212795_n 545470_311447375628340_552495400_n


I also attended some blogger events like Glamourbox and DKNY and got some awesome products from Frabelle and Nivea which I'll be talking about on my next posts. I was also busy working out and being healthy for something coming up this January. I can't talk about it yet but don't worry you'll be the first ones to know.

Happy New Year! Ciao!

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