Friday, January 18, 2013

Will I Fit into my Wedding Dress Again? Let's see.....

Have you grabbed the January issue of Good Housekeeping already? The very stunning Gi Tongi-Walters is in the cover. To be honest, even if I am not on the issue, I would really buy it because the topics are very interesting and perfect for the after holidays esp for people who are having difficulty with weight management like me.


And as I've said, you'll find me in it! Haha....yes I've accepted their challenge to be able to fit into my wedding dress again after 5 months. When I first heard of the challenge, I told myself "It's impossible!". But my mom-in-law, hubby, tita and sister-in-law encouraged me and told me it's attainable. I was 138 lbs that time and as far as I can remember I was 115-118 lbs when I got married. I hesitated at first because I don't want to broadcast to the world that I am fat. But for years I've been really frustrated with how I became after having a baby. My being overweight affected my self-confidence and it kinda hurts when people laugh at you and say "ang taba taba mo ngayon! anong nangyari sa yo? hahaha"  Yes some people can be insensitive to that extent sometimes and I try not to mind but still affects me somehow. I tried dieting and lose a little weight but the fats come back once I cheat. I realized I really need help and guidance in order to lose weight and be healthy again for myself and my family. And so I said yes to the GH Wedding Dress Challenge.


This is how I look when I got married. Oh how I miss that body! haha 

Paulo-Kim-3379-01-31-2009- (1)

After  a few months I managed to maintain my weight. This was during the Maybelline "Be Stunning for a Steal" event.


With fellow makeup artists Muriel and Joy. I was 5 weeks pregnant here.


When I was pregnant, I was very mindful of what I eat. So I didn't gain a lot. This was when I was 9 months preggy.


And after the baby came, I ate all the food that I didn't eat during pregnancy. Most food that I eat were from fast foods and take outs because I was busy taking care of him. I was also breastfeeding that time and I thought it's ok to eat because I would burn the calories fast but it really depends on what you eat.  So here's what I became after a few months. I still look pregnant in this photo.


And I think this is the fattest I got. This was during one of my hairstyling gigs for Nikki. I think I was 145 lbs. here.


But before the challenge, I was already watching my food intake so when it started I was 136 lbs. Yes my target weight is attainable if I am going to lose 2 lbs a week. It's very difficult but I am working really really hard. And with the help of Good Housekeeping and Fitness First, I know and I believe I can do it!


And here's my current photo during the bridal fair last week. My hard work is slowly paying off. I am now 128 lbs and I feel better. Grab a copy of the next Good Housekeeping issues to get updates on the progress of the GH Wedding Dress Challengers. I'll blog about it when the issue comes out :) Pray for me guys!


AskMeWhats said...

Kim ako na nagsasabi, pumapayat ka! i'm sure you'll reach your goal! goodluck! mukhang ako naman ang gagawa niyang challenge na yan once I give birth! see you soon! :D

Kristine Alcantara-Javier said...

You look great Kim! I'm sure you'll succeed in that challenge. :)

** elgee** said...

Goodluck! :)
New follower here! :) You have very pretty interesting blog.