Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Frabelle Christmas Hams

It has been a family tradition that all our close relatives from my mom's side celebrate Christmas at my Tito's house in Antipolo. It's only a day to catch up and have fun but it's usually a very memorable one. Here's a photo of my relatives during our Christmas celebration. We weren't on the photo because we left mid afternoon for another party with my hubby's relatives.


The past two years I brought Red ribbon cakes for our potluck. But this time I wanted to taste a different brand of ham, Frabelle (which I got before Christmas). So I cooked this whole Premium Honey-glazed ham before we went there.


The thought of eating christmas hams again is one thing I'm most excited about during holidays. It's one of my favorite kind of food. And to be honest, I've been loyal to a certain brand of ham ever since I was little. I like it when cooked with sugar. But when I tasted Frabelle....oh men it's better! promise! And this is what I'll be buying next December.

Honey Glazed Ham - packshot

And I think these are the reason why Frabelle is better: 1) It's naturally smoked using natural woodchips. so you could really taste the smokiness all the way inside. 2) It's caramelized with sugar and pure honey so no need to cook it with sugar. I like the taste as it is. 3) They use prime whole-muscle ham. Malaman! I don't eat taba so this is what I really like about this ham aside from the taste. 

This premium glazed retails P480 per 1 kg.

Pear Shaped Ham - packshot sample rendering

Also available in Premium Pear Shaped ham P199 for every 750 kg.

I think I still saw this during my last trip to the grocery so hurry! you can still try it. 

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