Thursday, February 7, 2013

Current fave Hair Product: Kerastase Elixir Ultimate Grand Crus

Circa 2010, I suffered from major hairfall (that's after giving birth). So I stopped using all my hair products except shampoo and conditioner and during the times that I am home, I opted not to brush my hair because I was afraid of more hair fall. After that, my hair became stubborn and rough even if I use conditioner (except Dove, it works for me and my current fave).

So I started using some hair care products again which I got from an event I attended before Christmas 2012, the Kerastase Elixir Ultimate purple (rose - for normal hair) and green (immortal moringa - for damaged hair). It has been my favorite ever since. These products are made from precious oils but doesn't make the hair feel or look oily when dry but keeping it so soft, easy to comb and more manageable. I always use either one after shower when my hair is damp. recommended before blowdrying but since I don't always have the time, the first works for me as well. For the scent, they're so mild and don't overpower the scent of shampoo or conditioner. For me it disappears after a few minutes of application.

  kerastase elixir ultimate

After months of using, I noticed that my hair is a lot healthier now. Hair fall was lessened dramatically and I love how soft my hair feels after using it. In fact, major salons use this product as well when blowdrying to remove the tangles without hurting the clients.  Read my post about the event here to know more about these products.

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