Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Truth Seeker: Papulex for Acne Problem

Hello everyone! This my last article for the campaign "The Truth Seeker". The past weeks, I've talked about some of the skin care problems I've encountered on the past and how I dealt with them. I also talked about the different skin solutions legit or not just to cure my skin problems. Sometimes, people are just too desperate and want fast solutions that they try anything without knowing if it's good or bad for our health. To sum it all, if only I was educated properly and was guided to the right people like the dermatologist during those problem days, I might not have suffered for years dealing with those pimples. If only I was able to find the cure at once, who knows? I might have been active during the highschool years instead of being the shy and quiet girl that they've known. Things would have been different right?

But that's the past, lucky girls in this generation have every resources in the world. With proper diet, exercise, the right skin care products to use and right people to consult, there's no reason to have a huge skin problem.

I received a product last November named Papulex which are dermatologically tested and made specifically for acne prone skin. I am now blessed with very little problem on my skin so I asked someone to try it out for me and provide the feedbacks.


A cousin's cousin who's a college student has been suffering acne for years. She's having a hard time curing her acne due to lack of resources and lack of sleep (college students surely can relate). Before using the treatment, she was asked to go to a dermatologist for an initial consultation and advice on the things she need to do to treat her acne. She's been using Papulex for two weeks now and here's her before and after photos. Her feedback about the products: She likes the clean and soft feeling of her skin after using them, Didn't cause any allegies or aggravate the problem. Some of her acne dried out and after two weeks of usage, improvement is already visible.


In curing acne, just be patient with the results, diligent on your regimen and practice self-discipline with regard to foods and exercise. Always be happy, positive and have faith that you'll soon be acne-free if you do the right things.

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Crazy Gal Baldz said...

Hi, I wanna know which of the Papulex products did she use?