Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year Post

Hello everyone! Sorry for being MIA for a few weeks. December has been really crazy for me as I am almost out everyday for wedding makeup gigs and events. During the few days that I'm free, I take time to rest and give my family some tlc. 

I'll show you thru photos to update you on the things that are so overdue for this blog


Photo by Earth Rullan. Read her event coverage here.

I am proud to be one of the models who walked the ramp for Ferretti last November and helped Philippines break the GuinnessWorld Record's Most Number of People on Catwalk. It was a very unforgettable experience for me because I never thought I would ever walk a catwalk and the most fun about it is that I was with fellow beauty bloggers and it was the first time for most of us.


This is my only decent photo before the event. Thanks to pretty Say Artillero for this! I left all my things in the car including my camera as I was afraid there's no one there to hold our things while we were walking the ramp.


This is the pair of shoes that I wore for the fashion show. Liz Lanuzo chose it for me. I think Liz has a talent at styling people as this pair is very me. I like my shoes to be dainty and very walkable. The heels are only 2 inches so I lasted the hours of waiting and the show itself without feeling any pain.

And of course, Ferretti gave us some perks for modelling for them. I got 2 pairs and a bag. Don't have a photo yet of the bag sorry but it's very nice! If you are a follower of Ferretti's Likepage, you might have seen the photo of celebrity Janeena Chan toting it.


For the shoes, I chose flats as I already have high shoes for events and special occasions. Flats are for my makeup gigs. This pink pair with bow is so cute and girly!


This open toe black shoes too!

I'll also show you some of my hair and makeup works this December. You'll see more of my works at I try to keep it updated all the time.

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I also attended some blogger events like Glamourbox and DKNY and got some awesome products from Frabelle and Nivea which I'll be talking about on my next posts. I was also busy working out and being healthy for something coming up this January. I can't talk about it yet but don't worry you'll be the first ones to know.

Happy New Year! Ciao!

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