Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Bad Skin Habits

This is my fifth post for the Truth Seeker Campaign. Are you guilty of having habits that are bad for your skin? The very first thing I'm guilty about is staying late up at night watching television, surfing the net watching makeup and hair videos while drinking cofee which leads to sleep deprivation. According to Everyday Health, sleep deprivation has not been scientifically proven to damage the skin but don't you notice how bad your skin looks without sleep? As a makeup artist, I notice how different the makeup sets on the face when my client wasn't able to sleep at night before their wedding.

Another thing I'm guilty about is sleeping with makeup on. But this happens very seldom when I'm just over-tired from work. A lot of my friends swear that when this happens to them, they will wake up with a big pimple the next day. This happens because of the dirt accumulated throughtout the day with the makeup on.

Sleeping on the sides and pressing the phone against the cheeks. Sometimes if the things that we constantly use like pillow cases or the telephone aren't sanitized properly, it may cause some skin irritation and even acne.

These bad skin habits are sometimes unavoidable or sometimes you don't even know that it's harmful to your skin. So the only thing we could do is observe proper skin care and use the right skin products to help our skin stay healthy.

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