Saturday, December 8, 2012

Putting On a Face

Hello everyone! Have you read my posts for the campaign, "The Truth Seeker"? Can you relate on the things I talked about the past few weeks? Well, I'm sure on this topic, most girls will have her own share of experiences.

Highschool years were the worst my skin have ever been. I had a lot of tiny pimples on my forehead, nose, chin and back. I also had white heads on the sides of my nose. I got so ashamed of my skin which was very hard for a teenager, right? So my mom would often suggest old school remedies for me to try just like when she would usually apply coconut milk on my hair when I was a kid.


The first the I've ever tried was the Calamansi scrub. It was scary at first because I know how a sour thing could make a wound ache. But my mom said that calamansi has many skin benefits plus whitening effect. Plus I am a witness on how she would religiously put calamansi on her underarm before taking a bath and was wowed with the result after a few months. It really whitened her underarm! So without hesitation, I tried it for months. For a time, it lessened my pimples. But it made my face super shiny! And I guess, teenage hormones is just too persistent, my skin wasn't totally cured.


Photo from Wikihow

The next that I've tried is toothpaste. One of my cousins taught me this. She told me to put a tiny amount of toothpaste on the pimple before going to bed and when you wakeup, it will dry up. This is true but stings a bit. I did this when I had a pimple with an unusual size. It helps reduce the size of the pimple overnight and helps heal faster but what I don't like is the scar it leaves which takes too long to disappear. I had to use spot correctors just to remove the scars.

And last is the Tomato scrub that I learned thru Michelle Phan's video tutorial. I tried it a couple of times but found making it a hassle and messy. I didn't notice any instant effects so I stopped right away.

There are many weird remedies out there that really helps. However, to totally cure a skin problem, I believe that an actual treatment with the right ingredients made by professionals is really needed to totally cure it. I'm very sensitive when it comes to my face and now that I'm an adult, I won't risk putting anything that's not proven effective on my face anymore. 

Have you tried any skin remedies yourself? How was it?

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