Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Beauty Addict on Make-up: The Faceshop Philippines Make-up Demo

Make-up. The topic that most women are ecstatic about. Anyone disagree?

Part of the "Mom's Purest Love" Breastfeeding Event held at Eastwood Mall last Saturday was a make-up demo sponsored by The Faceshop. I have already attended some make-up demos like this but you know how much I love make-up? You'll learn different techniques from different make-up experts. That's why I really looked forward to this activity.

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Ms. Marge Apacible, The Face Shop Philippines' Product Training Manager and Chief Make-Up Artist, gave us an over-20 minute tutorial on how to put on a day make-up and transform it to a nighttime make-up.

Here are some tips she gave:

On foundation:
  • When buying a foundation, test it on your jawline not in your hands to determine which shade is perfect for you.
  • If you have oily skin, use a water-based foundation.
  • Always set your foundation with a loose or pressed powder to prevent creasing.

On Eyebrows:
  • It is important to groom and set your brows properly because it frames your face. Having a perfect eyebrows will make you look younger.
  • Always fill your eyebrows with a dark brown shade instead of black.
On lashes:
  • Curl your lashes starting from the tip to the middle to prevent your lashes from looking like a checkmark.
  • Apply the mascara from the tip of the lashes then blending upward.
  • Apply your eyeliner closer to the lashlines to create an illusion of thicker lashes.

On blush application:
  • Use a C-stroke from your jaw to the apple of your cheeks then blend. So you won't look like a doll with the color concentrated on the apples of your cheeks.

On lip color:
  • Use a shade with the same family as the color you used on your cheeks.
  • Daytime: use a nude/pink shade.
  • Nighttime, you could use darker shade.

On eyeshadows:
  • Same as lip color, use nude colors during daytime and darker shades on nighttime.
  • When using a red lip color, use a very light shade of eye shadow or use none.

On hair:
  • If you have a long hair, create a bun (see the hair of the model on the photo) during the daytime so that you could just remove it and set it with hair products at night to create instant curls and you're ready to party!
That's as much as I can remember. I hope these tips will also be useful to you. Just comment if you have some thoughts.

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DeBi said...

was eating with hubby during this time...Sayang I missed this part.

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