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Scoring a Flavorful Deal: My Ramen Adventure with Eatigo at Ramen Nagi, Greenhills

In the heart of Greenhills, Manila, lies a hidden gem for all the ramen enthusiasts out there - Ramen Nagi. Known for its mouthwatering variety of ramen dishes, I recently embarked on a culinary journey that not only tantalized my taste buds but also left my wallet surprisingly content. Thanks to the Eatigo app, I managed to snag a 50% discount on my meal, making this dining experience even more satisfying. Join me as I recount my flavorful adventure at Ramen Nagi, from delightful discounts to indulgent bites.

The Eatigo Advantage: A Savvy Saver's Dream

If there's one thing that can make a foodie's heart race with excitement, it's a generous discount on a scrumptious meal. As I browsed through various dining deals on the Eatigo app, Ramen Nagi caught my attention with its 50% off offer. With the reservation made through the app, I secured my spot at the restaurant and my taste buds were already tingling in anticipation.

Exploring the Ramen Wonderland: A Trifecta of Flavors

Upon entering Ramen Nagi, the inviting aroma of simmering broths and fresh ingredients greeted me. The menu presented an array of tempting options, but I had my sights set on trying multiple flavors. I decided to kick off my culinary journey with the Sisig King- a fusion of Filipino and Japanese cuisine. While the flavors were undeniably good, the richness of the dish made it a tad too fatty for my liking. Yet, even with its indulgent nature, I found myself savoring each spoonful.

Ramen Nagi's Sisig King

Next up on my ramen adventure were two classic options - the Butao Ramen and the Black King Ramen. The Butao, with its savory tonkotsu broth and tender slices of pork, satisfied my cravings for a traditional bowl of goodness. On the other hand, the Black King, with its striking appearance thanks to the squid ink-infused broth, delivered a delightful umami punch that left me wanting more.

Ramen Nagi's Butao King

Ramen Nagi's Black King

A Kid's Culinary Desire: Adapting and Enjoying

Accompanying me on this culinary escapade was my daughter, whose taste preferences often lean towards simpler yet equally delightful choices. While the Eatigo discount didn't apply to the Kids' Meal section, my daughter's eyes lit up when she saw the Karaage and Chasu Rice on the menu. She made her choice, and we eagerly awaited her plate of crispy and flavorful karaage alongside a bed of perfectly cooked chasu rice.

Ramen Nagi's Chasu Rice

Ramen Nagi's - Chicken Karaage

Although the Kids' Meal came without the Eatigo discount, the staff's thoughtful gesture of allowing my daughter to use the colorful Kids utensils brought a smile to her face. It's these small touches that can transform a simple dining experience into a memorable one.

Conclusion: A Fusion of Savings and Flavor

My adventure at Ramen Nagi Greenhills was an experience to remember. Thanks to the Eatigo app, I was able to relish the diverse flavors of Ramen Nagi's offerings at an unbeatable price. From the rich and indulgent Sisig Ramen to the classic delights of Butao and the bold flavors of the Black King, my taste buds were treated to a symphony of tastes and textures.

But the experience wasn't just about the food; it was about the thoughtful service and attention to detail that elevated the entire dining affair. Even my daughter, with her Karaage and Chasu Rice, felt catered to and cherished.

@iamkimrodz We were able to dine in at Ramen Nagi with 50% discount because of Eatigo. Yay! Tried their Sisig King which is only available up to end of July. #fyp #foryoupage #ramennagiph #eatigoph #sisigking #butaoramen #blackking #foodieph #manilafoodie #tiktokeatsph #wheretoeatingreenhills #discountalertph @Eatigo Philippines @Ramen Nagi PH ♬ original sound - Kim Tan-Rodriguez


As I left Ramen Nagi that day, my belly full and my wallet happily lightened, I couldn't help but reflect on the magic that can happen when delectable cuisine and smart savings come together. So, whether you're a devoted ramen aficionado or simply a lover of good food, consider harnessing the power of dining apps like Eatigo to turn your culinary excursions into unforgettable adventures.

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