Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Brush Cleaner Love: Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner

Last December was one of my craziest months as wedding gigs are on even on weekdays. During those times when I don't have the time to deep clean my brushes and let them dry for hours, brush cleaners are my best friend. I've finished a couple bottles of HD Brush Cleaner and recently I've tried the brush cleaner Cinema Secrets gave me which I also love.


Dirty brushes to be washed :)
Brush holder and brush guards bought from Suesh
Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner



What I love most about this product is that it removed the stains other brush cleaners or even washing with shampoo or Joy anti-bacterial dish washing liquid can't effortlessly.


Here's how I use it: Pour a small amount of the brush cleaner on a container. Dip the dirty brush lightly. Then wipe it on a cloth or tissue.




It says wait 10-15 minutes to dry for big brushes and 5 minutes for the smaller types but in my experience, it dries faster than that. Brushes feel oh so soft after they dry up with it and smells good too. I'm not so sure if everybody will love the scent but I like it :)

I'll be giving one bottle of this on my next posts so watch out for it!

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Issa said...

wow, this is another must try... I'm so excited for your giveaway! :)