Thursday, February 2, 2012

One happy day....

Hubby and I celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary last Tuesday. For the past years, I always feel giddy a day before our anniv because my hubby loves surprising me with things. I wasn't expecting something big but he never fails to make me feel special even though a lot has changed ever since the little "kulit" came into our lives hehe.

I had no clue where my hubby's taking me that day. He said that we'll go wherever URY (the name of our car) takes us. So I dressed up a little and put on a light makeup, prepared baby's things before bringing him to his lola (yes that day was for just the two of us haha).


We had breakfast at Coffee Bean in Promenade, Greenhills. Above is a photo of me showing off my new accessories from the Chic collection of Pinkbox. I attended their event a few weeks ago which I'll blog soon. Who would have thought that Pinkbox are not only for cute girls but for kikay yuppies too?  If you're looking for affordable chic accessories, Pinkbox is worth checking out. I've been to their Megamall branch a lot of times already after the event.



Week 2 of using Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. I know it's not my bare face again but I only had BB cream and Revlon Translucent Loose Powder on. I still can't see improvement on my pimple scars but I love the glow it gives me. don't you?


It was my first time to have breakfast at Coffee Bean (the maker of my favorite Ice Blended Mocha Frappe). They have a nice selection of breakfast meals. I had scrambled eggs, sausage, bread and coffee while hubby had bagel with cream cheese and of course cafe latte.


Then he surprised me with this nice pair of earrings. Actually, this isn't a suprise anymore because I saw him at a shop last Sunday looking this so I already had a hint haha.


The lighting at Coffee Bean was nice so I decided to take photos of my favorite NIVEA lip balms which are staple in my bag already. I've used this during college as I love how smooth my lips are when using this plus it has a hint of color. Thanks NIVEA for sending me new stocks :)



Then for lunch, we went to Angel's Kitchen along Greenhills too. It's a hidden treasure in GH because they're place isn't really noticeable but they have really great food. It was recommended to Pau by his friend because it's one of his family's favorites.



Blooming Tea


Kani Salad


Chicken Salpicao...yummm yummm


Their signature salmon topped with baked potato. This is a must try!


We loved the ambiance too.


Choco Lava for dessert.

After that we watched Underworld 3 and a bit of shopping. Just like our usual date when we were still dating...We miss those days and it was fun having it even just once a year. But our lives are so much happier now and complete because of our little Angel :)


Jane said...

I will always cherish the day I entered marital bliss as I met the man of my dreams, had a gorgeous wedding gown, and had the perfect makeup on my face. Thank you Richard Lloyd makeup!



AskMeWhats said...

hahah bruha ka talagang nasilip mo na ang surprise ni hubby sayo! hahaha

Super happy 3rd year anniversary! Nakikita ko naman how sweet he is to you and he takes care of you!!!! Cheers to more years!!!

See you both soon and double date naman dapat! mga mahihilig kasi tayong kumain na couple so gowwwwwhhh!

Unknown said...

first,the foods look so delish. kakagutom!

next, super sweet lang ng hubby. i'd love to have surprises too. You're sooo lucky to have him.

and happy anniversary! :) stay in love!

Issa said...

you look so lovely! Happy Anniversary to both of you! Here's to more years of togetherness! Cheers *inggit mode*