Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dry Your Nail Polish in a Flash with Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Drops

I had a pleasant foot massage and pedicure in a salon that offers very cheap but quality services (so sulit! but can't disclose yet) last week. We had to leave right after my pedi but I was wearing a pair of shoes that touches my toenails. So the lady who did my nails put one drop of Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Drops on each of my toenails after putting the nail color and counted 30 seconds then voila! I can touch my nail polish without messing it up. I counted another 30 seconds before I wore my shoes for added assurance.

Sally Hansen Insta-Speed Dry Drops .5 oz.

I was amazed when I checked my nails at home and my nail color is still perfect after all the walking I did after that pedicure.

Sally Hansen Flashy Fuchsia

This photo was taken after the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Drops application. It would look wet but dry for   a while but it'll be gone after an hour or less. And I must say that I also love my nail color. It's Sally Hansen's Fast Dry Nail Color in Fast Lane Fuchsia!

Sally Hansen Insta-dri Fast Dry Nail Color, Fast Lane Fuchsia (03), .31 Fl. Oz.

Overall, I think Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry drops is great to have in your nail grooming kit. Very effective when you want to change/put in a nail color and you're in a hurry. If you guys know the price of this product, please comment :) Will buy soon.


KaY said...

Insta-dry is my favorite nail polish. i think i have 4 of this which i currently use. i just hope they add more colors to this line since very limited and colors now. majority pa of colors are for summer (yellow, green etc) that i dont normally use so sayang if i invest.

AskMeWhats said...

Nice shade ah, pero haven't really tested those insta-speed stuff kasi I am still careful after application, I don't want to redo polish application! hehehe

Issa said...

i think i need this one! :)