Friday, April 29, 2011

The Best Way To End My Day: Home Service Hot Stone Massage

I spent the entire day yesterday walking in heels, standing and travelling for the Pop Talk shoot. So this morning, hello back and leg ache! I was expecting it and all I wanted today is to lie down. Going out to relax in a spa is not an option for me because I don't want to spend another day away from my family just to have "ME" time. 

It's blessing I know someone who's offering a home service hot stone massage. It was so relaxing and I feel very sleepy right now but I got relieved from all the pain I was enduring the whole day so I'll use my minute energy left to share with you guys briefly my first time trying out a hot stone massage.    

Hot Stone Massage

What is a hot stone massage?

Based from my experience, heated stones and oil are the key elements of this type of massage. 

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

The stones used on me are called "volcanic rocks". They feel light and smooth. Ms. Sugz, the masseur, told me that these heated stones help release tight muscles and knots without straining. She heated the stones first with oil then massaged my body using it. This was my favorite part! Perfect tolerable temperature that melted the stress in my back. She left these stones on my body for 30 minutes then massaged my entire body.

Overall, I felt that the hot stone massage relieved my body of the ache faster than with the other traditional massages I've tried. I requested for the eucalyptus oil to be used and it was divine. I always prefer a not too intense massage and Ms. Sugz was able to give it to me. I had plenty of "ayan ang sarap" moments haha. Ok time to rest now! TGIF tomorrow :)

If you want a home service hot stone massage,
you can contact Ms. Sugz at this number 0923-586-38-81


sugar sugar said...

i love stone massages but haven't tried a hot stone massage! thanks for giving the contact info will definitely be scheduling a massage session soon. :)

Chicago massage said...

I will try stone massage this week and see how it will go for me. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.