Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beabi Makeup Bag

Everytime I prepare my things for a makeup gig, I try my best to minimize the weight of the things I bring by unloading unnecessary makeup stuff from my traincase. But the traincase itself is heavy and I cannot find a better alternative. When I met a fellow makeup artist, Miko Iso, she showed me some cool stuff she's using that's lighter and makes her things more organized. One of those is this Beabi makeup bag. (Sorry Miko! gaya gaya haha)

beabi makeup bag

It comes with a divider which I use to separate my stuff and a lot of pockets on the side where I put my pencils, lip liners, eyelash glue and small palettes. It also has a deep compartment for more storage and brush sacks on top. Sorry for the messy stuff on the photo. It was taken right after a makeup gig.

beabi makeup bag

beabi makeup bag

Overall, I love my new Beabi makeup bag. It's definitely lighter so it made my life a lot easier especially when I go to makeup gigs by myself. All the stuff that I need fits in it too. I just can't assure yet if it's sturdy like my old makeup traincase but so far so good. I'll keep you guys updated.

I bought this at Beabi Robinson's Galleria for P895.


BeautyLilSecrets said...

i love this bag Kim! such a clever alternative to the usual makeup traincase...cant wait to buy one! :)

AskMeWhats said...

Nice, ok din na nakatayo ang mga brushes and I love compartments :) Nice find :)

Issa said...

it's nice! thanks for the review!

*KiM* said...

Eenah! It's been a long time. How are you?

Thanks Nikki & Issa :)