Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5 in 1 Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure is a Base Coat, Strengthener, Growth Treatment, Color and Top Coat in a bottle. That's what made purchase with this product. I don't have all the time in the world so this product is heaven sent. After 5 usage, I'm still amazed. In just 5 minutes, I have a pretty nail color with nail care and strengthening.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Care

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure is available in 42 shades. The one I have is the bright red.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

What I love:

- This color may be common but what I love with this product is the color payoff with just one coat. It presents a stunning polished vivid red color. 
- The fact that it stays on nicely for up to 3-4 days on my nails is also a plus considering that I always wet my hands. Other brands will only last a day or 2 because I wash the dishes, clean the house, bathe the baby and wet my hands almost every hour.
- I was able to finally grow my nails after using it. So I guess its strengthening and nail nourishing ingredients work.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

- The thick brush (which is like a lip brush) makes the product very easy to apply.
- Doesn't have that strong chemical scent.
- Easy to dry.

What I don't like:

- I find it costly at P399 for a single nail laquer. But come to think of it, the price will be way higher if I purchase a separate base coat, nail color, strengthener and top coat.

Overall, I'll be saving up to complete all the shades of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Care Manicure. Love love love!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Plana Forma is Intense!

I've been avoiding the weighing scale after giving birth. I know I've been very bad in choosing what I eat that's why I don't expect to lose weight. But I renewed my driver's license a while ago so I was forced to step on that weighing scale once again. Surprise suprise! I just need to lose 6 lbs to get back my pre-pregnancy weight woohoo! And that's without diet at all. So I guess breastfeeding really helps lose weight :) I also recently tried 2 different types of workout. I've talked about Zumba on one of my recent posts and the other one is Plana Forma. I really think the latter contributed a lot to my weight loss because it made my entire body ache for 4 days! Can you imagine how intense it is?

Plana Forma

Plana Forma is a new workout at Fort Bonifacio that combines the techniques of Pilates, Yoga and dance. I won free trial sessions during the Paul and Joe 4th birthday bash so I reserved a slot for the Beginner's class last week. The session started with warm-up exercises using two sets of weights. If you've been in a work-out hiatus like me, you'll feel the tension in your thighs right away. After that were the barre exercises (which work the thighs, calves, hips and seat muscles) and floor exercises for the abdominals.

I wasn't able to take photos during the class so I grabbed some at the Plana Forma website




During that 55-min class we only had 5 sec break to take a sip of water. Make sure to bring a bottle of water with you because you'll have no time to buy or go back to the locker area to get your water.

Here are my shots at Plana Forma during my first visit:

Plana Forma

Plana Forma

Plana Forma

Plana Forma

Plana Forma

Plana Forma

That's me ready to workout :)

Plana Forma

Plana Forma

My boys while waiting for mommy to finish her workout :)

Though my body ached a lot, I felt really good because I know that it would be a really effective exercise to tone your muscles if done regularly. Our instructor that time was Ms. Julie and I really liked her. She's friendly, calm and speaks very clearly. Her class is very alive even though the only movement you can see on my face that time was biting my lips.

Plana Forma is located at 6th floor Jecoprime building 20th drive
Mc Kinley Business Park Fort Bonifacio Taguig City. It's a bit tricky to find because the building is still under construction.

If you want to try it, make sure you check the Plana Forma website first for the schedule of classes then call for reservation.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

MEGA Magazine's TOP 10 Most Beautiful 2011

Gone are the days where people define being beautiful as have the perfect facial and body features. In this generation, unconventional beauty is the new standard. What really makes a woman stand-out is her character, strength, simplicity and unforced quality. That's the basis of Mega Magazine in choosing the women to put in their TOP 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL 2011 list.

Here are the women who bagged the top 10 spot:


Hye Won

This 18 year old 5'10'' Korean model is really a stunner. She seems quiet and serene but transforms in camera in varied ways so well. Many adore her almond eyes and she definitely proves that not all alluring eyes require double lids. She started modelling for friends and made a success in modelling for runways like the Philippine Fashion Week. She not only has that beauty to be proud of but she also has brains. In fact, she's a current engineering student at the Ateneo de Manila University.


Mons Romulo

A dedicated mother and a public servant. She's currently involved with the Pink for Life Foundation, Child Protection Network Foundation, Responsableng Pasigueno and Congressional Spouses Foundation. She also has a segment in DZR and a weekly column in Philippine Star. 


Vanessa Matsunaga-Sunga

This Brazilian-Japanese model who chose to be a Filipina believes that beauty is not just physical. "Everyone gets old but when one follows her values, that's beauty for me".


"I believe it's all about making the most of what you have. Just enhance your good points and, if you have flaws, there's always a way to downplay them". A great advice by Alyanna Martinez, stylist and daughter of Albert and Liezl Martinez. especially to women who were gifted with generous curves.


Rocio Olbes

A very successful entrepreneur at the age of 25. Owner of the brand Rocio which exports a distinct Filipino aesthetic and is now available in 30 countries. 


Nadine Howell

She is the general manager of the 2nd restaurant located at Fort Bonifacio, Global City. According to her, beauty is not just the physical attributes  - it's the personality that will get one far.


Lorraine Belmonte

Currently on the Board of Directors of the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation, she said that beauty comes down to three things: good grooming, being fit, and having what people in the industry call the X Factor.


Charina Sarte

Admitted that growing up wasn't that easy for her as she was teased a lot being too thin, she said: "I may not have perfect features, but I think my imperfections are what make me interesting. She's a successful designer that embraces the true Filipina beauty.


The other two are Andi Eigleman and Francheska Farr  (sorry I don't have photos)

Andi Eigleman

She has this natural candidness that made people love her especially after the success of her telenovela Agua Bendita.

Francheska Farr was the winner of Are You The Next Big Star? Despite the success she got, she remained down-to-earth and thankful for her blessings. "No matter how cliche, beauty comes from within. Just be natural and be yourself. You'll be sure to shine" - her advice for everybody.


Last May 24, I attended event where Mega Magazine presented these women to the media. It was held at the Opus Lounge Resorts World, Pasay City.



The place was packed with beautiful people from the beauty and fashion industry. I love how everyone was dressed fiercely and fashionably.


Took a paparazzi shot of fashion icon Tim Yap and actress Iza Calzado


A photo of Julia of BlessMyBag and Me while enjoying the cocktails served before the event started.


Overall, I agree with how MEGA magazine chose their TOP 10 Most Beautiful list. I believe that every woman has something to be proud of. We just need to find and enhance it.

What do you think?

Happy Saturday everyone

Quality Scrubs Online

I have some friends in the US who are nurses and can't seem to find cheap scrubs to wear for their work. Sometimes they find one but the quality is not good. They even sometimes ask their relatives here in the Philippines to buy for them and ship.

But for those who do not have those options, you can buy and order affordable and quality scrubs end. There are a wide variety of colors and designs especially for women: http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Women/. See the sample photos I found online below:

BlueSky Nursing Scrubs

The first thing you'll notice is the signature designer stitching and the flattering fit. I think that's what most women who are working in a hospital look for. They also have hats available with chic Pony accent to keep the hair from falling for hygienic purposes. These perfect pair is a great way to feel good wearing simple yet fabulous professional designs even though you can't wear trendy outfit for work.

I also find the scrubs for kids so cute. I love seeing kids dressing up like the pretty people they see in the hospitals they adore. It's a great play outfit as well because these clothes are very comfortable. 

Scrub suits are not just only for people who work in the hospitals. Everyone can wear it if they want something relaxing and durable. What do you think?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Estee Lauder's NEW Pure Color Lipsticks

I own a few Estee Lauder Crystal Pure Color lipsticks and what I'm most impressed about them is the  moisturizing effect on the lips that makes me skip lip moisturizer application. The formulation is very nice that it gives a nice texture and feeling on the lips and it is very smooth to glide. The pleasant smell is a very huge plus too. Although the lasting power of the ones I have is not that long, I got raves from beauty bloggers that their long lasting lipstick kind is very nice as it lasts for about 5 hours and non-drying.

Last week, I got an email from Estee Lauder that a NEW PureColor Lipstick line has been released this May. It comes with an improved high-performance formulation which promises more magnified and lustrous colors and a new iconic and modern packaging. Makes me drool! :)

New Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipsticks

" These lipsticks are so easy to fall in love with - it's about so much more than just looking pretty, it's about making a statement for your lips." - Tom Pecheux, Estee Lauder's Creative Makeup Director

New Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipsticks

This is a collection of 19 beautiful shades of reds, plums, pinks and nudes that comes in 2 crafted formulas: PURE COLOR LONG LASTING & PURE COLOR CRYSTAL


• Exclusive True VisionTM Technology incorporates intense, highly pigmented shades for a saturated, color rich application
• Concentrated pigments are wrapped into a crystalline laminate polymer for a multi-dimensional look that is magnified and rich in color
• Lips are drenched in moisture by Apricot Kernel, Shea Butter and Vitamins C and E


• The classic Estée Lauder golden-mirrored packaging is accented with a crisp, transparent cube that offers a preview of the enticing lipstick shade
• The jeweled-like lipstick case reinforces the classic, modern beauty behind Pure Color

These are already available at Rustans Makati, Shangri-la, Alabang, Gateway, Cebu and Marionnaud, Mall of Asia for P1,350.

I'll be leaving for a wedding makeup gig in a bit. Please pray that it doesn't rain today :) Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Xenical's Club New You Recommends Zumba workout!

It was my first time to try Zumba last week during Xenical's Club New You launch. Zumba is a type of dance workout that has been grabbing the attention of fitness enthusiasts out there. It's very interesting as it  combines cardiovascular exercise with body movements from Latin dances such as Flamenco, Salsa and many more. I'm not a good dancer but I didn't worry because going out there doing the Zumba moves and getting silly was so much fun. I didn't feel stressed in pushing and moving my muscles even a bit.

Zumba Xenical Club New You

beside the pool area of San Lorenzo Towers Condominium at Greenbelt

I've been really frustrated with my weight and body shape after I gave birth. I can't go on a diet because I'm still breastfeeding my baby. Of course I always choose the health of my baby first before my vanity! So my only option is choosing the right food and exercise. But it's hard haha! Anyway, I promised myself to exercise regularly after trying out Zumba because I realized how good it really feels to sweat and do something for myself.

Zumba Xenical Club New You

Before the event, everyone was given a bandana for the workout. I initially chose pink but since I was wearing a bright blue I got green instead.

Zumba Xenical Club New You

I usually do not eat before exercising but the food Xenical team served was so delish I can't say no! I really should practice discipline if I want to lose weight.

Zumba Xenical Club New You

Zumba Xenical Club New You

The Xenical Club New You launch was again another event hosted by Ms. Bianca Valerio. I wouldn't be surprised if she's the favorite of all event organizers. She's beautiful, bubbly and can relate to every audience. Glenn was right! She now has blonde hair.

Zumba Xenical Club New You

And of course, an event is usually organized because there's something to be announced: Xenical's Club New You. Watch the video to find out what Club New You is:

Club New You is a program that aims to serve Filipinos who are looking for a holistic and effective weight-loss plan. If you want to become a member, just visit the Club New You website and register. Of course, there will be many perks if you become a member: there will be fitness counselors that will track your weight loss progress and offer advice regarding your diet, perks such as discounts and special promotions at various gyms, restaurants and retail establishments around the country. Not only that! If you register and activate your membership before July 15, you'll get a FREE one week Xenical pack.

After the presentation, bloggers and media were able to ask some questions about Xenical to the doctors and consultants. 

Zumba Xenical Club New You

Zumba Xenical Club New You

Many can vouch that Xenical is really effective in helping one to lose weight. It is recommended by most doctors to help those who's having a problem losing those excess weight. They say Xenical is better among other Orlistats available because of the purer ingredients and they're the only one approved by the FDA. Although, some do not like the icky effect after taking it. (If you have tried weightloss treatments, you know what I mean). Experts said that it is how really Xenical works because it prevents fat absorption of the body. If you are a Xenical user, less fat intake would really help minimize that "icky effect". I want to take the samples I got in order to get back my pre-pregnancy weight faster but unfortunately, this is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding moms so I still have to wait for my baby to wean before I can take it :)

Zumba Xenical Club New You

Zumba Xenical Club New You

Bloggers after the Zumba workout

After the QA, we were able to experience a 30-min Zumba workout. We were all so happy after we sweat, pumped our legs, windmilled our arms, turned our hips, and clapped our hands to the frenzied beat of Zumba. It was intense but really fun. We didn't even feel we were exercising.

Zumba Xenical Club New You

Photo-op with Bianca Valerio

Zumba Xenical Club New You

Zumba Xenical Club New You

Before I left, I took a photo of the San Lorenzo Condominium at Greenbelt where the event was held. See how nice the facade is? Anyways, Zumba will be having a village and condo tour to give a chance for eveybody to experience this new workout. Watch out for announcements ok?

In my opinion, it's better if you can attain your weight goal with just exercise. But if you're having a problem with obesity, taking Xenical will be a great help. Combine it with Zumba, you'll really see a NEW YOU in no time!

What do you think about Zumba and Xenical?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Current Favorite Brush Cleaner: HD Makeup Studio Quick Dry Brush Cleaner and Sanitizer

As a Professional Makeup Artist, I always have to make sure that all my tools especially the brushes are clean before I use them on my clients. I usually clean my brushes using a DIY brush cleaner. However, there are times where the number of faces to do is more than the brush sets I own haha. That's when I use a quick drying brush cleaner. I ran out of my MAC Brush Cleaner which I find good but takes a little while to dry. So I decided to try what my classmates in makeup school have been raving about: The HD Makeup Studio Brush Cleaner.

HD Quick Dry Brush Cleaner

HD Quick Dry Brush Cleaner

I made a short video a while ago while I was cleaning my brushes :)

Here are the before-after photos of one of my brushes:

HD Quick Dry Brush Cleaner

HD Quick Dry Brush Cleaner

My dirty blending brush

HD Quick Dry Brush Cleaner

HD Quick Dry Brush Cleaner

HD Quick Dry Brush Cleaner

Color completely off the brush after 6 sprays.

What I like about this product:

- It dries SUPER QUICK! After wiping on the towel, count 1-5 and it's dry instantly.
- The spray bottle is very convenient to use. Spray it directly to the bristles and it won't ruin your brush handles.
- My brushes look conditioned after cleaning with it. Smooth and shiny!
- Affordable.
- I also use it to clean my other tools: plate, spatula, airbrush gun.

What I don't like:

- Orange scent. I think the pink scent is faced out. But I'm glad it doesn't smell like alcohol so this is tolerable.
- Ingredients not indicated in the packaging. 

Overall, I'm really satisfied with this brush cleaner. I haven't tried many but I like this better than my previous one. It cleans brushes and tools well and it's really quick drying. I recommend this to all especially to my fellow makeup artists. You won't have to bring too many makeup brush sets anymore. Just spray and wipe off the dirt of your used brushes and they're ready tPost Optionso use again instantly.

This is available at the HD Makeup Studio 
LG5 Cityland Tower Ortigas for P300.

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