Monday, May 30, 2011

Plana Forma is Intense!

I've been avoiding the weighing scale after giving birth. I know I've been very bad in choosing what I eat that's why I don't expect to lose weight. But I renewed my driver's license a while ago so I was forced to step on that weighing scale once again. Surprise suprise! I just need to lose 6 lbs to get back my pre-pregnancy weight woohoo! And that's without diet at all. So I guess breastfeeding really helps lose weight :) I also recently tried 2 different types of workout. I've talked about Zumba on one of my recent posts and the other one is Plana Forma. I really think the latter contributed a lot to my weight loss because it made my entire body ache for 4 days! Can you imagine how intense it is?

Plana Forma

Plana Forma is a new workout at Fort Bonifacio that combines the techniques of Pilates, Yoga and dance. I won free trial sessions during the Paul and Joe 4th birthday bash so I reserved a slot for the Beginner's class last week. The session started with warm-up exercises using two sets of weights. If you've been in a work-out hiatus like me, you'll feel the tension in your thighs right away. After that were the barre exercises (which work the thighs, calves, hips and seat muscles) and floor exercises for the abdominals.

I wasn't able to take photos during the class so I grabbed some at the Plana Forma website




During that 55-min class we only had 5 sec break to take a sip of water. Make sure to bring a bottle of water with you because you'll have no time to buy or go back to the locker area to get your water.

Here are my shots at Plana Forma during my first visit:

Plana Forma

Plana Forma

Plana Forma

Plana Forma

Plana Forma

Plana Forma

That's me ready to workout :)

Plana Forma

Plana Forma

My boys while waiting for mommy to finish her workout :)

Though my body ached a lot, I felt really good because I know that it would be a really effective exercise to tone your muscles if done regularly. Our instructor that time was Ms. Julie and I really liked her. She's friendly, calm and speaks very clearly. Her class is very alive even though the only movement you can see on my face that time was biting my lips.

Plana Forma is located at 6th floor Jecoprime building 20th drive
Mc Kinley Business Park Fort Bonifacio Taguig City. It's a bit tricky to find because the building is still under construction.

If you want to try it, make sure you check the Plana Forma website first for the schedule of classes then call for reservation.

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Issa said...

you're so lucky! only 6 lbs. to lose? waaaahhh, i wasn't able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, huhuhuhu......

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