Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rexona Shopping Challenge at Tiendesitas

Last week, I received an invite for a shopping challenge organized by Rexona along with their newest product the Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant which is formulated for excessive sweaters and offers up to 48 hours of protection against sweat and body oder. I was instructed to use the deo the night before the event and skip it when I shower the next morning. I was like "uh-oh" since the event is going to be held at Tiendesitas which I know is a very humid place and I was afraid for it not to work because I sweat a lot haha.

The new Rexona Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant for men and women.

Best applied during the night, after bathing or before going to sleep as they are formulated to build up a protective layer during the nap. It offers up to 3x more protection from sweat and body odors that can last up to 48 hours. It is also designed to protect the skin with its moisturizing properties.

Sounds like a wonder product right? Did it work for me during the challenge? Continue reading to find out ***wink wink***

Ms. Annie Ringor and Mr. Alexei Villaraza of Rexona Philippines giving us the mechanics of the challenge. Each of us were given P1500 which we need to spend in 30 minutes to buy gifts for friends and family. If you've been at Tiendesitas, you know how much walking you have to do to search all the stores. Yeah, Rexona people chose the right place for us to really sweat haha.

I chose to scout the Christmas Bazaar because it's where the cheaper stuff is and it's nearer Max's restaurant which is our meeting place. It seemed like people are not yet on a Christmas rush. I had fun shopping because there are only few people to think that it was already 7pm that time. Or maybe shoppers are just piling up at SM Megamall or Greenhills.

All of the things I shopped were clothes for my cousins, baby and nephews. I also got myself a cardigan *teehee*. Will show you on my upcoming posts. There are many good finds at Tiendesitas. If you're looking for cheap tops, accessories and toys for gifts, it's a perfect place to do your Christmas shopping rush.

Fellow bloggers Shen, Julia, Rowena, Jheng, Phoebe, Lace and Az also found very interesting stuff at the food, clothes, pets and antique area of Tiendesitas.

30 minutes is really NOT enough. I felt that some of the things I bought were worthless but I wrapped them anyway. I was the third one who arrived at our meeting place (not bad!). Congratulations to my fellow blogger, Julia, for winning the challenge.

After shopping, Rexona people treated us with a nice dinner at Max's restaurant. I was able to taste again some of my favorite dishes from this place.


Crispy Liempo

Buko Pandan (Max's restaurant serves the best buko pandan =))

Now...did Rexona let me down? My answer is NO! I was amazed on how it worked. I perspired at my back, thighs, neck, head, arms but not my underarms. I've been using it every other day since the event and I can give nothing but good feedback so far. It really helps prevent sweating and it smells good. I'm still observing on how my skin would react with a month of continuous use. Will post a review soon. If the result remains consistent and nothing bad happens to my underarms, then I'll consider this product a heaven sent. :)

Rexona Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorants are now available at Watsons and Mercury Drug for P330.

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