Friday, December 17, 2010

Hassle Free Holiday Take-Outs at Lola Maria's, Legend Villas Mandaluyong

My love for cooking began when I got married. I was seriously thinking of cooking something special for our Christmas reunion. However, I'm one of those who are in a Christmas rush right now. Gifts aren't complete yet and when they're complete I'd have to wrap them still. Then my baby boy's starting to be so "makulit" (I can't finish a thing when he's awake) haha. Since it's December makeup gigs are popping which I consider as blessings. And I also have a writing job on the side. I've said a lot, but my real point is...I don't have time to cook this Christmas.

For those like me, knowing there are holiday take-outs available is a blessing. I love the wide variety of yuletide dishes from Lola Maria's. Seeing these photos makes me wish it's Christmas already.

Home-baked ham

Chicken Relleno

Baked Fish

Other dishes and desserts available are canapes (crabstick, tuna or egg salad), tomato soup with tortellini, chicken relleno, beef morcon, cocido, beef salpicao, baked fish with garlic mayo, home-baked ham, and brazo de mercedes.


Stylishly packed and easy to carry too.

For those who are interested to order, you may call Lola Maria's Hotline: 702-2793 or visit Their store is located at The Legend Villas located at #60 Pioneer corner Madison Streets, Mandaluyong City.

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AskMeWhats said...

Wow more food! Kim gutom na ako!!! You have to let me taste it :P Dalhan mo ako!