Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hairstyles with Teasing

One of my favorite basic hairstyling techniques I learned at HD Makeup Studio and Academy is teasing. As I told my Mr. Jeave Gabiana, my mentor, my favorite hairstyles are high-fashion. I am inspired by the crazy hairstyles in America's Next Top Model and luckily, it's also my mentor's forte.

To tease the hair, grab a strand or section of hair then hold firmly. Brush firmly closer to the scalp first to make the hair stand up. Repeat until you get your desired result.

To be able to tease up to the roots of the hair, I like using a teasing comb.

This pink Denman teasing brush makes teasing large areas faster and is great for smoothing out the hair for finishing.

Leave the last strand of hair unteased so you could cover up the teased part nicely for styling.

To finish up, you'll also need the following:

Hair pins. I love this box of hair grips I got from Landmark. It's cheap and doesn't easily loose its form after usage.


Here are some of the hairstyles I've done with lots of teasing involved. That explains my huge arms haha.

Teasing creates volume and it is used to correct some areas same concept in concealing with makeup. That's why it is very important to learn this technique.

Do you have your own hairstyles to share? I'd love to see :)


AskMeWhats said...

Teasing, gives me a heartache! Each Time I tease someone's hair, na brebreak yung heart ko coz I have this notion na nasisira ko hair ng girl! hehehe ;) Great job! Seen your works!

peachy said...

Woah! Nice job! Wish you're in Cebu so I can get you to do the hair of my models :)