Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010: My Christmas Wishlist

I can't believe that tomorrow we'll be busy preparing for our Noche Buena already. This month has been pretty crazy that I didn't even notice Christmas fast approaching. I still have some Christmas shopping to do tomorrow, gah! These days have been eventful for me and it's only now I've listed the things I want to have for next year.

Of course..the health and happiness of my family comes first on my wishlist. But when it comes to material things, I think I've matured a little when I checked my list. Well...I think I'll be needing all of these for my current career haha.

Hair Diffuser
. Unfortunately, my blowdryer didn't have a hair diffuser included in the set. It was too late when I found out I needed one for my hairstyling. I've searched every store in Manila for this but I really can't find one. Anybody has an idea where I could get one?

A Canon DSLR. Aside from makeup, I wanted to learn photography next year. Aiming for nicer photos of my baby. Workwise, I know this isn't essential for blogging but I want to post better pictures here as well as take quality pictures of my makeup and hairstyling works. I guess that'll make my portfolio more exciting haha.

Babyliss Barrel Curling Iron. I already have something similar to this but this one has higher heat settings. This'll make curling hair faster.

Samsung Galaxy. Now that I am a freelancer, I need to be able to surf and check my mails wherever I go. This is the cheapest phone I found with all the features I need.

Advance Merry Christmas everyone! What's on your list? I'd love to read :)


peachy said...

sis, you cant find a hair diffuser here... there's loads in ebay though but it's all international. Hair diffuser comes with a brand new hair dryer, Braun, Babybliss, Vidal Sassoon etc

Alex Lapa said...

Merry Christmas Kim! I hope you get at least one of these things. :D