Friday, September 3, 2010

A Happy Red Ribbon Friday!

Today is my final day at work. Freedom it is! yea...

I'm super happy because I'm gonna be flexible enough to do the things I want. However, I also feel a little bit sad because I'll surely miss the everyday chikahan (chat) with my officemates. Some of them I've been working with for almost 5 years. sigh! But it's never the end if you've built a good foundation of friendship with them right?

That being said, there's a reason for me to celebrate so I feasted with my favorite foods from Red Ribbon :)

Red Ribbon Palabok,Red Ribbon Chicken Empanada,Red Ribbon Coffee Crunch

My favorite combo meal at Red Ribbon.
Palabok + Cake of the Day Combo and Chicken Empanada

Red Ribbon Palabok


red Ribbon Coffee Crunch

Red Ribbon Coffee Crunch Cake

Red Ribbon Chicken Empanada

Red Ribbon Chicken Empanada

My love affair with empanadas started when I tasted this one from Red Ribbon. I love the taste so much. I can have a dozen of this really!

Time to pack my things now. Wish me luck and Happy Friday everyone!

Red Ribbon Palabok + Cake + Drink Meal - Php 115
Chicken Empanada - Php 22

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Unknown said...

Dearie, the palabok looks heavenly!

AskMeWhats said...

wow, last day of work? I'm sure you'll enjoy doing the things you do, take care of your baby and MAKEUP!!! Congratulations for the new chapter :) Miss you na

DeBi said...

love red ribbon's palabok!