Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Quick Tip For Going Plum On Your Lips For The Fall

What we have for today is a guest post written by Josephine Pizarro. She's the editor of the Your Beauty School website. We do not have fall season here but a lot of make-up junkies in the Philippines are becoming more adventurous and into plum lip color now right? However, it is not an easy color to wear, it is important for us to choose the right shade and learn how to pair it with the right make-up to benefit from the color's true potential. I'm sure all of us will learn a lot from her tips below. Read on.

A Quick Tip For Going Plum On Your Lips For The Fall
by Josephine Pizarro

Fall is right around the corner but no matter the season, I’m sure it’s important to you to always look your best. The exciting new color of choice this fall is plum and all its varying shades. However, it would be misguided to assume that every plum hue will look good on every woman. The right hue needs to be determined based your skin tone. Let’s do a quick review of what shade of plum would suit you best.

When I think of plum, I think first of my lips. I love how a beautiful plum lipstick helps my face look younger and more vibrant. Since I have a fairer skin tone, a lighter, more sheer hue helps me give my face a special radiance (my personal favorite at the moment has to be Revlon’s Sheer Plum Colourstay Lipstick).

Revlon�s Sheer Plum Colourstay Lipstick
Revlon’s Sheer Plum Colourstay Lipstick. Photo from MakeupAlley.

If you have a very fair or light complexion, go for lighter hues that will complement your skin while giving your lips a sexy appeal. The darker your skin tone, the darker the hue should be to give you a fiercer, but still sexy look. For darker skin tones, I would personally recommend MAC: their plum lipsticks have a deep hue that lends a mysterious and sultry appeal.

MAC plum lipsticks

Your lips will be ready to impress anyone who sees them in the fall. Remember to apply gently and delicately - nobody likes poorly applied lipstick. Try out some different brands to find your favorite hue to accent your fall look. Happy makeup shopping everyone!

About me: I’m Josephine Pizarro and I am an editor with the Your Beauty School website and am a big fan of Kim’s. Stay beautiful everybody!

Are you into plums? I'd love to know your favorites!

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