Thursday, July 30, 2009

Make-up for Aya Montez

How are you doing ladies? Thanks to Tish I've realized I've been neglecting my blog for days now. I'm so's just that I've been feeling sick lately :-( I actually didn't go to work today coz I've been vomiting the entire morning. arrrgghhh it's hard but I want this :-)

Although I'm struggling a bit...and I can't even put makeup on my own face that much =) It's a good thing I can still do gigs. I really enjoy it to the point that I can endure all those I've mentioned.

Last Saturday, I was invited to a gig. A group of photographers named "Lensmates" was looking for a MUA because the one they've booked backed-out. So I went there without knowing what I'll be doing. All I knew was that there'll be one model and 3 layouts.

They haven't given me all the photos but I'll show you my fave shots:

Layout 1: Sexy Architect



Layout 2: Lingerie



Layout 3: Sexy School girl




Sir Buds of Lensmates told me he wanted the model to look like a Japanese (anime style). I really had no idea what to do with this layout. The only anime I've watched is Naruto hahaha. At first I planned to make her look like Chun Li of Street Fighters but she told me that the outfit she brought was school girl so I chose pigtails for her hair style instead.


Model: Aya Montez, Playboy Playmate for June 2009 (
Photographer : Buddy Castro (
Oliver Tam (
HMUA : Kim Rodriguez (
Studio : Artmovement (c/o Oliver, Jayjay & Jeff) (

What do you guys think? I'm open for suggestions. I'll try to update this blog more often. Ciao =)


AskMeWhats said...

wow! great job sis!!! they are HOT HOT HOT!

Tara Cabullo said...

She's HAWT! Good job, sis. Ang galing galing galing, as always. Especially when I saw the close up photo. The makeup was flawless. Congrats!

Elsa said...

the make up makes the models so sexy!

Lyndsay said...

I like the anime make up, it looks chic although the costume didn't suffice it...

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