Hedge @ 6UG

HedgeZero will play at 6 Underground pasig tomorrow. 9pm. Come one come all! You could also watch the gig live online at http://6ugliveandraw.tv/ Thank you!


hi hi...stumbled on your blog... i was just wondering for the bohol trip, what's the price range like for accommodations/tours/food? i wana go to bohol! hehehe
*KiM* said…
hi caramelmacchiatoplease! Thanks for visiting my blog. You can check the rates here http://www.boholbeefarm.com/?page_id=11. You can also email the owner Ms. Vicki Wallace directly. She's so nice and maybe she could arrange a special package for you. She gave us the biggest house (capacity of 8) for only 5,000 a night. But we're only 2 hehe. That already includes the breakfast, lunch dinner and the tour. Good luck =)
gaijinph said…
Hedge? baduy un... :-)
*KiM* said…
oo nga ang baduy! yuck hehe
✿Ji✿ said…
I kind of wanted to try out clinqique for a while, but it´s so expensive in Germany!
What kind of skintype do you have?^^

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