something is back!!!

When my officemate Lloyd arrived at the office today, he told me "Kim...I have a gift for you =D". I knew right away that it was my purse!!! Ate Rosalie from our facilities department kept prayer was answered. From now on...I'll be more conscious esp with the things that are so important to me.

I got this for free @ Maybelline

I almost lost these babies

ekkkkkk...And I said that the most important things weren't there. These things are essential to me and I dunno if I can buy these again if I lost them. I was really really blessed to have these returned.

Thanks to Ate Rosalie!

Friday is indeed a happy day =D


AskMeWhats said…
yay!!! Thank goodness! :) Happy weekend Kim!
gaijinph said…
yokatta desu ne...

but it would have been cooler kung ung babae sa panaginip ko ung nagbalik...

*KiM* said…
Happy weekend din Nikki! I'm excited to see another food post from you =D

Noel! che hehehe...ayoko yung panaginip mo...scary
yey kim!i'm happt for you!
Anastacia said…
wow! you got great stuffs! so cool!
aquaracer said…
Hooooray!!! Now don't let them be out of your sight again, ever, haha!

Happy weekend! :)

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