Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bohol experience

Last February, Pau and I spent a blissful week in Bohol. We chose it because it's listed as one of the best places in the Philippines and there are just so many things you can do there. We had so much fun each day and to sum it are our Bohol favorites:

Accomodation: Bohol Bee Farm

The best decision we've made for our trip was to stay at Bohol Bee Farm. They offer affordable packages which includes almost everything! Accomodation, food and tour. Only the plane fare and expenses for pasalubong were not included hahaha.

Friendly Bohol Bee Farm staff

The food we had during our entire stay is worth more than what we paid for. Bohol Bee Farm serves mostly organic and home made foods (In short..healthy!). I felt detoxified haha. And the best thing is you can choose everything you want each meal.

Their bestseller...Organic Salad with the honey mustard dressing. The flowers are edible.

Pure fruit juice and corn coffee. (did you know that corn coffee has no caffeine, no preservatives and high in fiber? hehe)

Sweet potato bread with mango, honey and pesto spread. We bought all the kinds of spread they have for our pasalubong.

Crabs!!! Pau doesn't eat crabs so I ate them all hahaha (evil laugh =D)

Grilled fish and honey glazed chicken

Organic rice (high in fiber!) That was the first time I had this type of rice..It's different haha

Organic Soup

Home made ice was so tasty and creamy

Pau's favorite..Honey glazed bangus. I miss it!

Fruit halohalo...Their best dessert! It has 2 flavors of ice cream on top with fresh fruits...I forgot to take a pic before I ate it hahaha.

Lamb steak and camote lasagna. This was their best dish! I promise...If you're going to Bohol, make sure you pass by Bee Farm and have this dish for your lunch. The lamb was so soft and full of flavor and the Camote lasanga was appetizing!

At the "Buzzz Cafe". Their resto located at the city mall. They serve the same menu there.

They have their own store where you could buy your pasalubong.

Their own farm

They have a place where you could swim and watch the sunset too =D

Other places aside from Bee Farm:

Historical places:

Blood Compact Statue

Baclayon Church..One of the oldest churches in the country

The watch tower...Where Cesar Montano proposed to Sunshine waaaahahaha

A giant phython. Scary! He can eat a pic in just a few seconds haha.

Tarsier (One of the world's smallest primate)

Loboc - known for its floating restaurants along the scenic and winding Loboc river

Chocolate Hills

Butterfly Sanctuary (I've been to other butterfly sanctuaries but this one is the best! very informative tour)

Man made forest

Dolphin Watching

And of couse the beach! This was taken at Bohol Beach club.

This is just one of the beautiful places in the Philippines...I hope to explore more this year!


AskMeWhats said...

awww I wish to visit Bohol too! Those are lovely shots and you obviously look so happy! :)

Tara Cabullo said...

Nice pictures, I agree! I was recently in Bohol, too and sadly, I hadn't been to the bee farm :( Your photos made me super envious!

✿Ji✿ said...

Beautiful! I would give a lot to be able to go where you went! (weird sentence XD)

Tarsier!!! Never heard of it, but it looks so cute!<3<3<3

aquaracer said...

hello, bloghopping here :) hehe. i've been to cebu once and i really liked it. hay, i miss pinas again, esp. the fooooood!!!! oh, did u try the loboc river cruise?

aquaracer said...

i meant to say BOHOL and not Cebu, LOL. I got confused coz I also went to Cebu when I went to Bohol ;-)