Saturday, March 21, 2009

Andale andale @ Mexicali

Today, Pau and I had lunch at Mexicali in Promenade Greenhills. Next to Chinese food, I looove Mexican hehehe and of all the Mexican restos I've tried here in the Philippines, Mexicali is my fave.

Their place is cozy but it got smaller when they renovated it. Half of it was occupied by a new resto named "Sizzling pepper". Hmmm...Sizzling pepper steaks must be in trend here right now.

We ordered our favorite Mexican food "Burrito". I had chicken bbq burrito and Pau had the vegetarian. It comes with tacos =D

The salsa was so good. Made with tomatoes, onions, chili...etc.

I used to scratch the foil of the burrito any way I want...but we saw an instruction on their wall on how to properly eat it hahaha.

Here's how:

1) Cut the foil on the side.

2) In a circular motion, you slowly peel off the foil as you eat the burrito. can start now...

Put the sauce and chili if desired

yum yum burrito

The cheesy and tasty chicken bbq burrito

One order of a regular burrito (with the tacos) costs P111.50/$2+.

My haul for today:

I've been waiting for Look magazine's 3rd issue for weeks now. I got so excited when I saw it at Filbar's. This mag is all about makeup, fashion and skin care. Price: P120/$2.4.

I read it immediately when we got home and was surprised! eeeekkkkk....I remember joining their contest on their last issue. I didn't win but they included my message in the letter page woohoo...

I had a very fun day. Hope everyone's having a blast right now!

I'm going to 6Underground Bar in Pasig (beside UAP) tonight to watch the gig of Hedge Zero (my hubby is the guitarist). To all the Philippine readers, if you're near the can drop by and watch! You could also watch the gig live online at around 9PM (Manila time).



AskMeWhats said...

I've seen these mags! Girlfriend magazine is out of circulation and they focus on makeup and fashion too! I felt so bad but at least they have something new! congrats on your message on print, I love writing letters to magazines because it feels so good to see your name on print LOL

✿Ji✿ said...

The food looks so good!
I´ve never eaten burritos though!XD