Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stephen and Lady's wedding

Last Dec 6, Pau and I went to Fontana with his AUB friends to attend a wedding. It's a perfect place for an intimate wedding.

They had a photobooth for their souvenir and it was so much fun.

The lovely couple

with Pau patweetums =D

Some people find it difficult to smile on pictures. Pau said one technique to fake a smile is to say "KROPEK" not "cheese"...watta??? haha. Do you want your pics to be like this??? No!

Cecille saying "Kro" and Reg saying "PEK" haha

Me and Trish

This was our first group pic...It took us 3 shots to know where the camera is and the timing.

Thanks for inviting is Stephen and Lady...Hope you have a happy married life =D


AskMeWhats said...

KROPEK shot looks so funny!!! :)

Sis I love your foundie :) Is it P&J? take care

*KiM* said...

haha mukha kaming nerd..

I used MAC studiofix then set it with P&J powder foundie =D Great coverage...nahide yung pimples ko =D